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Are electroceuticals the pulse of a new health era?

Richard Royle 17 Oct 2017 8 minutes

Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with a drug-free future. They’re not alone, teaming up with tech companies in the business of bioelectronics. Why is the industry looking to electroceuticals for its next health kick?

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Saving lives and managing disasters with technology

Amy Gibbs 19 Sep 2017 11 minutes

Technology can’t stop natural disasters from happening, but it is proving essential when it comes to responding to them. Here are four life-saving developments in emergency management.

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The future of healthcare: Bringing patient data to life

Vaughn Kauffman 29 Aug 2017 9 minutes

Do hospitals need more doctors or data analysts? Is physical space more important, or digital real estate? We ask Vaughn Kauffman, head of PwC’s Health Services and New Entrants Advisory, for his prognosis for innovation in health services.

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Infographic: Wearing your health on your sleeve

24 Aug 2017 1 minute

Activity trackers have fed a growing interest in wearable technology. Fitness is just the start of the journey though, with big tech plans afoot for wearable health improvement.

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From detection to diagnosis, the opportunities for AI in healthcare

26 May 2017 8 minutes

The rise of artificial intelligence is empowering doctors and patients at every stage of the healthcare cycle, helping to turn old healthcare models on their head.

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Blockchain beyond the financial sector

John Shipman 04 May 2017 6 minutes

From safeguarding property titles to returning profits to struggling musicians, here’s a round-up of the ways blockchain could solve problems for a range of industries.

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Report: Would you let a robot replace your doctor?

02 May 2017 7 minutes

A consultation with a doctor seems a necessary fixture of the medical world but new research from PwC suggests that patients are surprisingly receptive to the power of robotics and AI.

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Healthcare is keeping the fax machine alive

Richard Royle 11 Apr 2017 6 minutes

While the rest of modern society clamours to run big-data analyses on their jogging metrics, why do healthcare providers still use fax machines to transmit critical information?

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What health services can learn from retail

John Riccio 27 Feb 2017 11 minutes

Customers won’t put up with long waiting times or clunky administration in other industries, so why is healthcare getting away with it? John Riccio looks at retail’s history to predict a transformative path for health.

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