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Digital disruption in financial services: What are the problems worth solving?

Thomas Achhorner 30 Nov 2015 6 minutes

Where is Australia’s financial services industry at, and where does it want to be? Thomas Achhorner reflects on the key takeaways from Melbourne’s Digital Disruption for Financial Services 2015 conference, which unveiled an industry eager to embrace new technology… but is it solving the right problems?

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Video: Connected Banking launch – a digital outlook for financial services

John Riccio 27 Nov 2015 1 minute

In the latest in our series of Connected reports, John Riccio presents Connected Banking, which highlights how experience of other sectors is driving customers to make new demands of their banking institutions.

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Securing the truth with blockchain technology

Tan Allaway 23 Nov 2015 4 minutes

Tech companies want to build with it, banks are teaming up to implement it, and everyone’s starting to talk about it. Isn’t blockchain just another ephemeral tech invention? Actually, it’s a new paradigm that can transform entire systems, says Tan Allaway.

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Finance sector ahead of the identity management game

Nirosha Methananda 11 Nov 2015 8 minutes

Rogue access to the systems of any financial organisation can wreak havoc – which is why the industry leads the pack when it comes to IAM.

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Digital payments: Customers want rewards – and retailers can reap them

Tan Allaway 12 Oct 2015 4 minutes

As digital payments absorb the majority of transactions, a new survey by Strategy& reveals that consumers are least satisfied with the rewards that come from a cashless journey.

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Technology proves the biggest pain for Australian insurers

Tan Allaway 09 Sep 2015 3 minutes

Access to health records and personal data are such a boon to hackers that insurance companies are facing unprecedented levels of cyber attack – putting it at the top of a list of industry concerns.

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Infographic: Is digital currency the future of money?

John Riccio 13 Aug 2015 2 minutes

Is digital currency a tech fad or virtual breakthrough? This playful infographic charts one of the most hotly debated developments of the online age.

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Australia has embraced contactless payments, but will we go fully mobile?

Tan Allaway 29 May 2015 4 minutes

Australian consumers are the global leaders in contactless payments, but what will it take for widespread adoption of mobile payment services?

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Sharing economy is no different to a physical business, rules ATO

John Riccio 25 May 2015 4 minutes

The ATO has proclaimed Uber’s offering as a taxi service, meaning major GST implications for its drivers. Does the ruling create a level playing field for the sharing economy and small businesses as a whole, or just within the taxi industry?

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