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Report: Wealth management’s technology problem

06 Jun 2016 7 minutes

Traditionally, the world of wealth management has revolved around rapport and relationships. But, as a new report from PwC reveals, change is on the way. The catalyst? Wealthy clients themselves.

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Blockchain in financial services: How ready are we to adopt?

John Shipman 26 May 2016 11 minutes

More than half of respondents in a recent survey say they understand the importance of blockchain, yet roughly the same amount say they’re unlikely to pursue it. Meanwhile, startups are rapidly gaining ground. How ready is the financial services industry for this radical new technology?

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Emerging fintech trends: Global results

John Shipman 02 May 2016 6 minutes

Fintech innovation is carving out a new landscape for both businesses and consumers. But which trends are likely to have the greatest impact? We analyse four sectors to uncover the technologies that are driving change.

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Infographic: The state of the global fintech industry

28 Apr 2016 2 minutes

A look at the stats, startups and key figures for the booming fintech industry. What are the drivers of the sector and who are its change-makers?

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Editorial: Fintech will drive the new economy

John Shipman 14 Apr 2016 7 minutes

The government has announced a raft of measures in support of Australian fintech. This is a timely intervention – and not just because of Turnbull’s innovation drive, says John Shipman.

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Can Australia make the flexible economy work?

Mark O’Neill 13 Apr 2016 7 minutes

An innovative industry that aims to make the most of under-utilised people and products has emerged. But as the flexible economy continues to find its path, the question must be asked: is it getting the support it needs?

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Report: Fintech carves a new shape for financial services

Tan Allaway 16 Mar 2016 6 minutes

More than 20% of market share could be snatched away from the financial services. How are financial technology upstarts challenging the traditional finance powerhouses?

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Do ‘selfies’ spell the end of passwords?

03 Mar 2016 9 minutes

Payment providers are rolling out the next generation in online security, using technology including voice recognition, photographs and iris scanning. Tied to our unique physical characteristics, biometrics presents an opportunity for infallible authentication – or does it?

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Video: Organisations that adopt a digital-first approach

27 Jan 2016 1 minute

Where have you seen real value created by organisations that have embraced a digital-first approach? PwC’s Digital Services leaders share case studies from around the world that exemplify a truly digital mindset.

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