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Report: Fintech’s growing influence on financial services

Tan Allaway 07 Apr 2017 6 minutes

Fintech has risen… and it’s shone a transformative light on the financial services. PwC’s 2017 Global Fintech Report reveals a landscape of traditional institutions ready to innovate and collaborate.

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Understanding customer behaviour will turn toys into solutions

Will Kingston 02 Mar 2017 10 minutes

Technology designed without behavioural insight is a gimmick – not a business solution. Will Kingston explains how behavioural science can drive innovation.

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The industries that are building links to blockchain

John Shipman 21 Nov 2016 8 minutes

From tourism to digital asset management, blockchain is ready for mainstream adoption. John Shipman pores over the technology’s commercial opportunities.

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Connecting the dots: How big companies can unify customer experiences

Nick Spooner 24 Oct 2016 8 minutes

Large organisations with multiple service offerings should unify the customer experience across their entire portfolio, writes Nick Spooner. After all, many of these customers could be the same people.

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The future of banking and thinking small

Why big banks must start to think small

26 Sep 2016 6 minutes

When your products are identical to your competitors, what separates you from each other? Jim Christodouleas argues that Australia’s banks need to tighten their aspirations and connect with a more targeted customer base.

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The future landscape of finance

Renovating from the outside in: The future landscape of finance

11 Aug 2016 7 minutes

What developments await the global banking industry on the road to 2020? We interview PwC’s head of financial services advisory, John Garvey on APIs, open architecture and fintech partnerships.

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Infographic: Blockchain explained

John Shipman 28 Jul 2016 1 minute

As one of fintech’s secret weapons, blockchain will be a defining trend for the financial services in coming years. This PwC graphic shows how the technology works to transfer value across the internet.

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The great decentralisation: A sharing economy for the financial services

Kate Bennett Eriksson 22 Jul 2016 9 minutes

The rise of fintech and emerging technologies is destabilising the position of banks as one-stop shops. Kate Eriksson unpacks these trends to explain why the financial services is heading towards a sharing economy.

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Ten technology forces shaping the financial services

13 Jul 2016 8 minutes

The financial services sector continues to be disrupted from all sides. But which way are the winds blowing? Here are the tech trends driving the industry to 2020 and beyond.

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