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Video: A banking CEO’s perspective on fintech

Kate Bennett Eriksson 27 Jun 2017 1 minute

“Most people think that the banks can be disrupted very easily. Beware of that thought.” Mike Smith, former CEO of ANZ bank, talks about the opportunities for innovation in the face of the fintech revolution.

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Report: Innovation insights from around the world, 2017

Kate Bennett Eriksson 19 Jun 2017 6 minutes

We surveyed over a thousand global business executives to explore their approach to innovation. Kate Eriksson shares five trends uncovered by PwC’s Innovation Benchmark report.

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Federal Budget 2017: Lighting the flame under banking’s platform

John Riccio 10 May 2017 5 minutes

There wasn’t much room for innovation in the Federal Budget but that hasn’t stopped the government from clearing a space for fintech competitors. John Riccio examines the challenges that banks now face.

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The secrets of agile’s success

Kate Bennett Eriksson 09 May 2017 11 minutes

With ANZ bank the latest in a string of organisations to turn away from traditional modes of working, PwC’s Head of Innovation, Kate Eriksson shares her insights on what it takes to successfully implement agile.

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Editorial: Financial services must move faster towards innovation

John Shipman 19 Apr 2017 6 minutes

PwC’s Global Fintech Report showed that innovators present clear and present danger to the revenue of established financial organisations. Australian incumbents don’t have time to wait around, argues John Shipman.

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Report: Fintech’s growing influence on financial services

Tan Allaway 07 Apr 2017 6 minutes

Fintech has risen… and it’s shone a transformative light on the financial services. PwC’s 2017 Global Fintech Report reveals a landscape of traditional institutions ready to innovate and collaborate.

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Understanding customer behaviour will turn toys into solutions

Will Kingston 02 Mar 2017 10 minutes

Technology designed without behavioural insight is a gimmick – not a business solution. Will Kingston explains how behavioural science can drive innovation.

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The industries that are building links to blockchain

John Shipman 21 Nov 2016 8 minutes

From tourism to digital asset management, blockchain is ready for mainstream adoption. John Shipman pores over the technology’s commercial opportunities.

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Connecting the dots: How big companies can unify customer experiences

Nick Spooner 24 Oct 2016 8 minutes

Large organisations with multiple service offerings should unify the customer experience across their entire portfolio, writes Nick Spooner. After all, many of these customers could be the same people.

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