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Digital Pulse: Superannuation and the gig economy

The tough gig of reconciling superannuation and task-related working

Joe Brasacchio 07 May 2018 8 minutes

The growth of the gig economy is reducing the potential for a whole generation to maximise their superannuation. We look at three potential solutions to this problem.

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Digital Pulse Will IoT transform your industry?

Will the Internet of Things transform your industry?

Nick Spooner 24 Apr 2018 8 minutes

Connecting devices to the net creates opportunities for consumers and business alike. PwC’s Nick Spooner looks at how three industries are currently transforming customer and employee connections with the Internet of Things.

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Why the superannuation industry is ready for disruption

Joe Brasacchio 17 Apr 2018 8 minutes

Superannuation funds have traditionally placed themselves at the passive end of the value chain. But with the vast amount of data flowing through them, they are well placed to reimagine themselves as active participants in people’s lives. If they dare.

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X marks the spot: Choosing the best retail location without a map

Phil Bolton 10 Apr 2018 8 minutes

Knowing where to open – or close – a store or branch is not easy. If you’re starting with a map to find the optimal retail location, and not your customer, then things are going to get expensive, fast.

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Report: The innovative new role of the CFO

John Shipman 12 Dec 2017 6 minutes

Beyond assurance and payroll, today’s CFOs are leading business innovation by embracing data and emerging technology to provide strategic insight and create value.

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Infographic: When life pays for itself

07 Dec 2017 2 minutes

When e-commerce enabled customers to ‘go shopping’ from the comfort of their couch, shopaholics rejoiced. Of course, it had its drawbacks, such…

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Banking gets speedy with agile delivery

Lucille Keen 24 Oct 2017 8 minutes

With its quick and iterative delivery, the concept of agile doesn’t seem a natural fit for a traditional industry like banking. Increasingly, however, banks are finding the method is right on the money.

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Calling it quits on cash

John Riccio 18 Sep 2017 7 minutes

The world is going cashless dramatically fast. Cards and phones are winning out as the death knell seems to sound for physical currency. But what does this mean for business?

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Around the world in insurtech

Nick Spooner 04 Sep 2017 11 minutes

Globally, insurtech is establishing itself in a variety of places. Australia has all the building blocks to lead in insurance innovation. What could the future hold if insurance, tech and regulators worked together?

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