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Online customer experience

The human experience: Connecting with customers during a pandemic

Olaf Acker 28 Apr 2020 9 minutes

Brand relationships have been strained by the loss of face-to-face business, but they can still be strengthened. Maintaining a human touch, with empathy and authenticity, will ensure good customer experience in a virtual world.

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Is your brand experience special?

Is your business special? (It can be)

David Clarke 13 Jun 2019 10 minutes

Every company can turn their products and services from ‘wants’ into ‘needs’. David Clarke, PwC’s Chief Experience Officer, shares the four characteristics that make a brand truly special – and the way your business can be too.

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Invisible banking

The invisible bank: A customer-focused banking future

John Jones George Korizis 16 Apr 2019 9 minutes

Imagine never having to interact with a bank again – no more queues, cryptic emails, paper bills or messy negotiations. Instead, the bank cares for you invisibly, always acting with your current and future interests in mind.

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Personal ecosystems and the decline of individual user accounts

John Jones 29 Jan 2019 10 minutes

Brands are used to thinking of customers as individual accounts. But what if they thought of them as networks to tap into, not users to sign up? The rise of the personal ecosystem is here, and it’s paying dividends for business.

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Seven steps for banks to find their voice

Seven steps for banks to find their voice

John Jones 15 Nov 2018 8 minutes

As fintech companies capitalise on emerging technology, it’s time for banks to make some noise – literally. Embracing voice services will allow incumbent financial institutions to build deeper trust, retaining and building on existing customer relationships.

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Digital Pulse: 4 ways to hack the consumer psyche for crowdfunding success

Four ways to hack the consumer psyche for crowdfunding success

Rafiya Harun 07 Nov 2018 7 minutes

The answer to how to be successful at crowdfunding lies in the way consumers evaluate the trustworthiness of a campaign. We share four tips to fast-track your innovation efforts using the power of the crowd.

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The new business models to unlock digital Southeast Asia

Angelo Estrera Stuart Holywell 24 Oct 2018 12 minutes

Southeast Asia is a burgeoning global powerhouse, but for companies looking to grow by embracing its digital opportunities, the key to success lies in understanding the cultural complexities of the region.

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Video: Why financial services institutions should look to China

Julie Coates Monty Hamilton 09 Aug 2018 2 minutes

It’s no secret that the financial industry is facing disruption and pressure from many angles. But that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t reinvent themselves, and look to what’s happening in places like China to anticipate the future.

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Digital Pulse - Report: Pulling fraud out of the shadows

Report: Pulling fraud out of the shadows

Malcolm Shackell 31 Jul 2018 9 minutes

The threats of economic crime and fraud are always present. But in Australia, those threats come from an unexpected place. For business, it’s time to keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.

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