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What’s the catch? How Pokémon Go is boosting local businesses

18 Jul 2016 8 minutes

In the wake of Pokémon Go’s popularity, savvy businesses are using the game to increase patronage and sales. Does the smartphone hit offer a glimpse of a future AR-infused economy?

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Podcast: 15 years of digital disruption in media

23 Jun 2016 10 minutes

On the release of the PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook, David Wiadrowski casts his mind back over the Australian media sector to discuss the winners and the losers of the digital revolution.

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Brand building with blogging

Want to build your brand through blogging? Here’s how.

Brett Fairbank 20 Jun 2016 9 minutes

With digital publishing platforms maturing and demand for original content continuing to skyrocket, it’s never been easier for thought leaders to broadcast words of wisdom to professional networks. Here’s how to do it.

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Internet trends tell a tale of ‘real-live’ storytelling

13 Jun 2016 8 minutes

Seismic shifts in technology have altered the way we tell stories and consume content. With mobile video and digital storytelling forecast to be powerful trends, how can businesses get on board?

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The entertainment and media opportunity in asia

Asia’s digital media opportunities: Do we speak their language?

David Wiadrowski 09 Jun 2016 6 minutes

The media industry in Australia has a number of digital growth opportunities in Asia, shows PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook. However, the pivot must be cultural as well as economic.

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Infographic: Are disks obsolete?

Tan Allaway 23 Jul 2015 1 minute

Digital downloads dominate the entertainment market from internet TV to music streaming services, but is it safe to assume that physical media is no longer relevant?

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Podcast: Putting mobile devices at the heart of media content

David Wiadrowski 03 Jul 2015 10 minutes

Mobile devices have led to a seismic shift in consumer behaviour, but some entertainment and media organisations are still failing to put mobile at the heart of their strategy. David Wiadrowski and Marcel Fenez discuss the results of the latest PwC ‘Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook’.

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Podcast: Innovation for the entertainment and media industry

David Wiadrowski 26 Jun 2015 12 minutes

What approach do media companies take towards innovation? The 2015 PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook highlights seven forms of innovation that industry organisations must strive to implement, in order to survive disruption.

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Copyright legislation is only half the battle for media companies

Tan Allaway 24 Jun 2015 4 minutes

This week, the Australian government passed new laws to protect copyright. But legislation alone won’t eliminate piracy. Consumers want access to entertainment quickly and conveniently. Offer it to them, and illegal downloading may decline.

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