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Digital Pulse: Opening up in the age of transparency

Opening up in the age of transparency

Adnan Jaswal 04 Jun 2018 8 minutes

As society moves towards openness, traditional business models will increasingly become inefficient and untenable. From open data to open banking, companies need to open their minds to new ways of retaining a competitive edge.

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Report: The smarter phone

Matthew Benwell 20 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Over the last few years smartphones have become increasingly dumb when it comes to their ability to change our lives. Advances in AI and 5G are about to put an end to all that, and industry must adapt quickly.

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Why the phrase ‘API-first’ should be at the heart of every digital experience

Adnan Jaswal 30 Oct 2017 9 minutes

From designing for web to designing for mobile, the way platforms are created has evolved. Businesses seeking to provide superior digital experiences – and perhaps create a new revenue stream along the way – should pay attention to API-first design.

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The opportunity for sports and VR to play ball

The opportunity for VR and sports to play ball

Hugh Gaukroger 09 Oct 2017 7 minutes

From fans seeking to get closer to the action, to teams testing (and retesting) their opponents’ skills – virtual reality is adding a new dimension to the way sport is played and consumed.

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Infographic: The history of television

28 Sep 2017 2 minutes

From its early days as a 3-inch screen in an octagonal set to today’s use on phones, computers and tablets, the good old telly has changed the face of entertainment.

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Creative, authentic, mobile: The characteristics of Generation Z

Amy Gibbs 24 Jul 2017 10 minutes

Some of society’s youngest members resist traditional advertising, can’t stand inauthenticity and don’t trust easily. As a fifth of the population though, they can’t be ignored by brands. How can you get through to these discerning customers?

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Video gaming in stadiums? Here comes the eSports explosion

Amy Gibbs 18 Jul 2017 11 minutes

The world of competitive video gaming, or eSports, has gone under the radar of mainstream audiences and media outlets. Until now. With revenue and viewership rising dramatically, even traditional sports clubs are getting in on the act.

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Digital transformation? Don’t forget your product.

Monty Hamilton 13 Jun 2017 7 minutes

It’s time to evolve beyond digitising customer interactions from just a sales and service perspective. Digitising the product itself can put you ahead of traditional rivals. Monty Hamilton looks at the next step for transformation.

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How to build a business platform

Andrew Sklar 06 Jun 2017 8 minutes

Organisations from retailers to banks are using digital platforms to make their products and services more accessible. Andrew Sklar shares his insights on delivering a platform at enterprise level.

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