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Infographic: Are smart cities really smart?

08 Mar 2018 2 minutes

Can existing cities ever be smart or will they just be meccas for tech giants selling digital trinkets? We examine what it means for a city to be smart beyond a layer of technology.

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Electric ambiguity: Renewable energy innovation and the fate of an industry

Mark Coughlin 10 Oct 2017 10 minutes

Advances in electricity storage and peer-to-peer sharing are set to transform the energy sector. Mark Coughlin looks at the history of electricity and embraces an uncertain but ultimately bright future.

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Stop stalling – use data to accelerate big decisions

John Studley 21 Sep 2016 8 minutes

Breakthroughs in data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence mean business decisions can be made more quickly. Compared to their global counterparts, however, Australian organisations are slow to catch on.

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Power play: Three future scenarios for the electricity industry

Mark Coughlin 24 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Imagine a world where cars use more electricity than factories, your thermostat bargains for lower power prices and flicking a switch generates data as well as light. Ludicrous? Or a possible post-disruption future for the utilities industry?

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Think gas and electricity are your major assets? Wrong. It’s data.

Mark Coughlin 18 May 2016 11 minutes

Whether they know it or not, utilities companies are in the data business, writes Mark Coughlin. The sooner they leverage new opportunities and technologies, the better they can avoid disruption.

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Move over internet of things, here comes the internet of sewers

27 Apr 2016 7 minutes

With Australian utilities trialing connected sensors and software throughout their infrastructure network, your next encounter with internet of things technology could be beneath your feet.

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First they came for our data, now they come for our infrastructure

Duncan Alderson 19 Jan 2016 4 minutes

Since an Iranian nuclear facility was famously hacked in 2009, essential infrastructure has increasingly been the target of malicious attacks. Duncan Alderson explains why the cyber security of operational technology is a growing concern.

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Drones – the new professional tool?

29 Jul 2015 7 minutes

From mining to search-and-rescue, drone technology is quickly being adopted for professional use. Euan Ramsay looks at the commercial applications in today’s market.

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Podcast: GSISS 2015 – The cyber security risks for technology in energy, utilities and mining

Andrew Gordon 24 Apr 2015 1 minute

PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) reveals the increasing risks for energy, utilities and mining industries. Outdated systems and a greater reliance on technology could open the door to more cyber security attacks. Andrew Gordon and Stephen Loadsman discuss the issues that lie ahead.

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