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Open Innovation at the University of Western Sydney: Sustainable diet

26 Aug 2014 3 minutes

We’re looking for a new approach to developing innovative ways to accelerate a sustainable diet for students, workers and families in Western Sydney

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Open Innovation at the University of Western Sydney: Collaboration spaces

26 Aug 2014 4 minutes

Together with the University of Sydney, Google, Cisco and the New South Wales Government, PwC is attempting to figure out how to create more collaborative and cooperative working spaces in Sydney.

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Equipping for the digital future with code

24 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Unlocking the potential of the start-up economy will rely on more than cursory knowledge – starting with learning code is a safe bet.

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Start With Code: Equipping the next generation

Trent Lund 11 Apr 2014 3 minutes

The release of an ebook from Google about the importance of coding highlights just how much work is needed to equip the next generation.

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Infographic – Data science talent essential for future digital success

John Riccio 19 Jun 2013 1 minute

With increased bandwidth and Big Data comes the big responsibility of analysis and interpretation, making the art of data science and resourcing for the right talent paramount to digital success.

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