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Girls in business

Leveraging digital to empower girls in business

Marina Paronetto 28 Sep 2016 6 minutes

How can the entrepreneur of tomorrow learn their trade? Marina Paronetto explains why she designed an online storefront to help young women understand business.

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Australia has world-class research capabilities. Why aren’t we sharing them?

Nick Spooner 22 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Nick Spooner unpacks the Productivity Commission’s recent research paper into digital disruption, including a suggestion that opening up research infrastructure could drive productivity growth. Would a sharing economy for science and innovation help transform the Australian economy?

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Can virtual reality revolutionise education?

John Riccio 25 Jul 2016 7 minutes

Developments in virtual reality technology might see future generations of students ditch the textbook in favour of a headset. John Riccio turns his gaze to how VR could empower the learning experience.

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Infographic: Virtual reality goes beyond gaming

25 May 2016 1 minute

A training tool up to four times more effective than traditional teaching methods, virtual reality is ready to transform a whole host of industries.

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Video: Stanford University and PwC talk scaling innovation

Kate Bennett Eriksson 23 May 2016 2 minutes

Kate Eriksson and Stanford University’s Paul Marca discuss the four key ways that Australia can unleash its innovation potential. Watch the highlights from our ‘When Australia Will Shine’ event here.

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Video: Organisations that adopt a digital-first approach

27 Jan 2016 1 minute

Where have you seen real value created by organisations that have embraced a digital-first approach? PwC’s Digital Services leaders share case studies from around the world that exemplify a truly digital mindset.

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The innovation statement: Australia, it’s time to shine

Kate Bennett Eriksson 07 Dec 2015 7 minutes

The Australian government has unleashed ‘the ideas boom’ – its innovation agenda for the nation. Kate Eriksson, Head of Disruption at PwC, shares her highlights from the statement.

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Editorial: Who drives the innovation agenda?

Sammy Kumar 22 Jun 2015 7 minutes

The strongest economies in the world are driven by innovation and investment in knowledge capital. Sammy Kumar explains why businesses, government and higher education must band together to ensure Australia gains a firm position in tomorrow’s digitally disrupted world.

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Australian business must engage in STEM education or struggle to find staff

Tan Allaway 05 May 2015 4 minutes

Digital disruption means a radical skill-change for the Australian workforce, says PwC’s report ‘A smart move’. Business will play a vital part in future-proofing our economy, alongside government and education.

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