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The future of healthcare: Bringing patient data to life

Vaughn Kauffman 29 Aug 2017 9 minutes

Do hospitals need more doctors or data analysts? Is physical space more important, or digital real estate? We ask Vaughn Kauffman, head of PwC’s Health Services and New Entrants Advisory, for his prognosis for innovation in health services.

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Leverage the lessons of the US to digitise our hospitals

John Forsythe 12 Sep 2016 9 minutes

In 2015, the United States had 1,414 digital hospitals. In Australia, there was one. Despite a high standard of healthcare, why is there a delay in transforming Australia’s hospitals?

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Digital IQ region-by-region: North America

John Riccio 14 Apr 2014 3 minutes

With the impending launch of Digital IQ, it’s improtant to understand how each global region is handling the digital revolution.

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