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Game design EX

Levelling up: Video game design and more engaged employees

John Jones Louis Bennett 09 Mar 2021 9 minutes

In a competitive talent landscape, businesses need to do all they can to attract and retain employees. Could the popularity of playing video games provide an answer?

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voice assistants

The art of the story: How to construct truly helpful voice assistants

Effie-Michelle Metallidis John Jones 02 Mar 2021 11 minutes

Talking to a voice assistant can be frustrating, but with their use on the rise, it’s time to start designing better conversations. Could the way forward lie in your favourite stories?

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Personal interfaces

Getting personal: Questions to enable a better customer interface

John Jones 15 Feb 2021 8 minutes

Online product and services sites are full of confusing menus with endless navigational options. Could personalised interfaces provide a better customer experience?

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Providing the privacy experience consumers seek

Toby Spry Phil Regnault 10 Feb 2021 9 minutes

Customers want highly personalised, instant, omnichannel experiences. For TMT companies to deliver on these desires they need data, but that requires a trusted consumer privacy experience.

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BXT redefining work

Getting to the finish faster: Redefining how your people work for a fit business

Tom Puthiyamadam Shirin Trehan Toor 08 Dec 2020 10 minutes

Today’s business needs to get in shape in order to be adaptable and resilient. A ‘BXT’ approach helps you hone skills, build better experiences and adopt smarter business strategies.

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digital lifestyle

The great tech escape: Consumers turn to digital devices to ease pandemic isolation

Adopting a digital lifestyle, consumers turned to their devices to get them through the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a PwC survey, they’re unlikely to give them up anytime soon.

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Essential business

Essential business shifts to survive and thrive amid COVID-19

David Clarke 01 Sep 2020 10 minutes

With the meaning of ‘essential’ being reevaluated amid COVID-19 it’s time for business to do some reassessment of their own. Investing in digital and acting on necessary operational shifts will place companies in good stead to thrive in a challenging environment.

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No touching: How tech can help us avoid COVID-19

Kevin Maney 26 Aug 2020 10 minutes

As people venture back into workplaces and onto public transport, the fear of touching contaminated surfaces is high. Existing technology could help people steer clear of germs and prevent future outbreaks of disease.

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virtual reality training

Ready, set, go: VR training hits the ground running

Daniel Eckert 09 Jul 2020 10 minutes

Virtual reality is ready to move into the enterprise mainstream, with many companies starting to use it for employee training. PwC, which found that VR can teach soft skills faster than classroom and e-learning courses, believes it’s time to stop just talking about VR and start deploying it — especially in today’s socially distanced workplace.

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