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virtual reality training

Ready, set, go: VR training hits the ground running

Daniel Eckert 09 Jul 2020 10 minutes

Virtual reality is ready to move into the enterprise mainstream, with many companies starting to use it for employee training. PwC, which found that VR can teach soft skills faster than classroom and e-learning courses, believes it’s time to stop just talking about VR and start deploying it — especially in today’s socially distanced workplace.

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workplace upskilling

Infinite learners: The six critical elements of workplace upskilling

17 Jun 2020 12 minutes

It’s time to upskill employees for the digital future. The right mindset, technological literacy, and community engagement will create an immersive workplace environment where learning is easy and progress constant.

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retail trust

Retail remedies for customer confidence through COVID-19

Matt Egol Derek Townsend 16 Jun 2020 4 minutes

Retail success depends on winning business, growing sales and deepening customer loyalty. But in a pandemic, does this formula still hold up?

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company culture

Critical behaviours for a growth-enhancing culture

Augusto Giacoman Dave Eberhardt 14 May 2020 12 minutes

A strong, strategically-aligned culture will help companies avoid obsolescence, embrace innovation and enable the resilience needed to grow in a challenging environment.

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COVID-19 Navigator

COVID-19 Navigator: Assessing the impact of coronavirus on your business

Kristin Rivera David Stainback 21 Apr 2020 4 minutes

Do you understand the potential impact of the novel coronavirus on your business? PwC’s new digital assessment tool, the COVID-19 Navigator, can help you gauge your readiness to respond.

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humans technology EmTech Exchange

Can we become better humans through technology?

Chrisie Wendin 03 Apr 2020 9 minutes

At PwC’s annual Emerging Tech Exchange, leading thinkers from academia, industry and business explored the intersection of technology and humanity. Here are key insights from their discussions and hands-on experimentation.

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agile controls

How to control, but not slow down, your Agile workplace

Agile is lauded as a way of making workplaces quicker, more competitive and holistic, but speed shouldn’t equal slap-dash. PwC’s Australian transformation assurance team examines how businesses can implement effective Agile controls in the workplace.

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Daring differently: Three concepts to realise digital transcendence

David Clarke 05 Mar 2020 8 minutes

Do you dare? Continuing in our series on this year’s Digital IQ Survey, PwC US’s Chief Experience Officer, David Clarke, explores the three pillars that companies need to set in place to get real results from their digital efforts.

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The seven critical layers underpinning smart city success

Greg Chiasson Michelle Holland 04 Mar 2020 8 minutes

Smart cities can crumble before they even get off the ground if the public and business turn against a vision of the future driven by data. To build with confidence, a foundation of strong data governance and management must first be laid.

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