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Digital Pulse - New Zealand perspective: Creating a winning customer experience with intelligent digital

Creating a winning customer experience with intelligent digital

Kris Nygren 29 May 2018 6 minutes

New Zealand customers now expect a seamless customer experience that global players are renowned for, so how can local businesses compete? PwC partner Kris Nygren explores some opportunities for those ready to take the plunge.

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GSISS 2018: Cyber security spotlight on small business

Andrew Gordon 16 Apr 2018 5 minutes

Cyber breaches of large companies through their third party contractors are one of the key reasons the SME sector is shoring up its cyber security measures, according to this year’s Global State of Information Security Survey report.

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Infographic: 6 things customers wish brands would get right

12 Apr 2018 2 minutes

What customers want and what you think they want are very different things. Our latest survey illuminates six key insights on customer experience that will make you rethink your staff-tech balance.

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Report: Experience is everything

Richard Blundell 27 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Is it technology or humans that helps you win at retail? According to customers, it’s both, but they have specific parts to play when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

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Infographic: How cyber aware is Australian business?

22 Mar 2018 3 minutes

Cyber breaches are a fact of life in 2018. But Australian companies are still underinvesting in security measures. In the age of compulsory disclosure, are you best placed to protect your customers?

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Report: The smarter phone

Matthew Benwell 20 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Over the last few years smartphones have become increasingly dumb when it comes to their ability to change our lives. Advances in AI and 5G are about to put an end to all that, and industry must adapt quickly.

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Report: Harnessing the 4th industrial revolution for sustainable emerging cities

Joseph Carrozzi 19 Mar 2018 8 minutes

Poverty, disease, inequality and environmental damage are some of the results of a poorly planned city. Emerging technology could be the answer to providing a sustainable future.

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Infographic: CEO Survey – What keeps the top up at night?

John Riccio 15 Mar 2018 6 minutes

A tumultuous geopolitical landscape is shifting the dial of CEOs worries from internal to existential. As societal threats grow, so does their anxiety, PwC’s annual survey found.

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Editorial: PwC’s 21st CEO Survey – The need for speed

John Riccio 05 Mar 2018 9 minutes

According to the latest CEO Survey, the speed of technological change is keeping CEOs up at night like never before. ASEANZ Digital Services Lead Partner, John Riccio, shares his thoughts on how companies can adapt to rapid change without losing sleep.

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