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Digital Pulse: 2019 AI Predictions

The six priority areas to unlock AI value in 2019

06 Dec 2018 8 minutes

If you’re not sure where to start to unlock the value that artificial intelligence could bring to your business, you aren’t alone. PwC’s 2019 AI Predictions report identifies the six areas to focus your attention on.

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Digital Pulse Transforming vehicle production

How car manufacturers can navigate the revolutionary road ahead

Heiko Weber 05 Dec 2018 7 minutes

By 2030 there will be two kinds of cars being produced: rentable ‘cars on demand’ and customised vehicles for those who still want to buy. These two kinds of cars will need two very different factories, both with a lot less staff.

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2018 APEC CEO Survey: Finding confidence through digital in uncertain times

John Riccio 29 Nov 2018 7 minutes

This year’s APEC summit reflected the diverging interests of the region’s players, but CEOs in the region are finding confidence through the opportunities in the digital economy.

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How digital trust will create the new titans of the corporate world

Steve Ingram 28 Nov 2018 9 minutes

How well placed are your company’s people, processes and technology to face the challenges of tomorrow? When it comes to cybersecurity, privacy and data ethics, there is plenty of room for improvement, PwC’s Digital Trust Insights survey has found.

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The four elements critical to transformation

Building success: The four elements critical to transformation

22 Nov 2018 10 minutes

What does it take to make a business transformation work? PwC experts looked at examples of successful transformations to identify what set them apart from the failures. Here are the four elements they found all had in common.

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Digital Pulse: Report Digital IQ 2018

Global Digital IQ Survey 2018: It’s time to stop being a digital poser

John Riccio Tom Puthiyamadam 16 Nov 2018 10 minutes

It’s time to stop talking and start walking. PwC’s 2018 Global Digital IQ Survey identifies the four types of digital business that companies aspire to – and the common pitfalls they need to address to succeed.

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The must-know strategies for getting employees to embrace workplace technology

09 Nov 2018 9 minutes

There’s a disconnect between what executives believe and what employees actually experience when it comes to technology at work. Getting buy-in from staff is critical to ensure it does its job – adding value and efficiency to business.

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Digital Pulse: Global Innovation 1000 2018

Global Innovation 1000: The six characteristics of superior innovators

Barry Jaruzelski 02 Nov 2018 10 minutes

This year’s Strategy& Global Innovation 1000 study confirms that research and development success is not predicated on how much you spend, but rather on how you spend it.

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Report: A prescription for blockchain and healthcare - reinvent or be reinvented

Report: A prescription for blockchain and healthcare – reinvent or be reinvented

Carlos Moreira Michael Farley 31 Oct 2018 7 minutes

Healthcare is rife with complexity, data and manual processing, but those hindrances also make it a great case for blockchain efficiency. It’s time for healthcare to realise the benefits of blockchain, or face the bitter pill of outside

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