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Infographic: Checking in to the digital hotel

22 Sep 2016 1 minute

From online reviews to self check-in, technology is changing the way people discover, stay at, and give feedback to hotels. Here’s how digital could make its mark on your next getaway.

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Infographic: Is technology your top workplace perk?

25 Aug 2016 1 minute

Picture the future workplace: sleek, modern, and powered by cutting-edge technology. While each are important, which matters most to office workers? This infographic sorts the gimmicks from the must-haves.

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Infographic: Online shopping’s mobile revolution

10 Aug 2016 1 minute

Aided by global smartphone adoption, innovative retailers are changing the way we shop online. Will e-commerce give way to mobile shopping in the near future?

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Infographic: Mobile trends and the Olympic Games

03 Aug 2016 1 minute

In 2012, London was dubbed “the first digital Olympics”. The mobile landscape – and viewing habits – have continued to evolve, and Rio 2016 looks set to break the social media records.

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Infographic: The global trends of mobile gaming

20 Jul 2016 2 minutes

The mobile revolution has fundamentally changed the video game landscape, with more people than ever flocking to smartphones and tablets for their gaming fix. A 2016 study reveals who’s playing, when and why.

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Ten technology forces shaping the financial services

13 Jul 2016 8 minutes

The financial services sector continues to be disrupted from all sides. But which way are the winds blowing? Here are the tech trends driving the industry to 2020 and beyond.

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Infographic: Wearable technology takes off

John Riccio 07 Jul 2016 1 minute

From wrist-mounted smartwatches to sensor-embedded smart clothing, the wearable technology sector is rapidly changing. Are consumer attitudes and usage patterns changing alongside it?

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The entertainment and media opportunity in asia

Asia’s digital media opportunities: Do we speak their language?

David Wiadrowski 09 Jun 2016 6 minutes

The media industry in Australia has a number of digital growth opportunities in Asia, shows PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook. However, the pivot must be cultural as well as economic.

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Infographic: If the world had only 100 developers…

08 Jun 2016 2 minutes

Imagine if the global population of developers was treated as 100 members. What would its makeup look like? This infographic applies a popular thought exercise to the digital economy’s core craftspeople.

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