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Introducing PwC’s Open Innovation Platform

Duncan Stone 04 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Procurement processes are limiting the growth of Australia’s startups and small businesses. Can they be empowered to win projects and turbocharge Australia’s innovation? Duncan Stone explains why PwC has launched the Open Innovation Platform.

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An updated guide to customer-centric service design

Nick Spooner 01 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Rapidly advancing technology has brought new opportunities for businesses to focus on the customer experience. But how can these customer-centric strategies be implemented?

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Infographic: Wearable technology takes off

John Riccio 07 Jul 2016 1 minute

From wrist-mounted smartwatches to sensor-embedded smart clothing, the wearable technology sector is rapidly changing. Are consumer attitudes and usage patterns changing alongside it?

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The promise of digital democracy

Nick Spooner 04 Jul 2016 9 minutes

From encouraging voter turnout to improving the campaign process, digital technology is playing an ever-larger role in democracy. Nick Spooner discusses this trend and whether fully electronic voting is on the horizon.

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Performance matters: How digital is changing employee reviews

27 Jun 2016 5 minutes

From crowdsourced data analytics to mobile technology, more and more companies are using digital tools to improve the way we are being assessed and remunerated at work.

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Podcast: 15 years of digital disruption in media

23 Jun 2016 10 minutes

On the release of the PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook, David Wiadrowski casts his mind back over the Australian media sector to discuss the winners and the losers of the digital revolution.

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Video: Big data without a big budget

Matt Kuperholz 16 Jun 2016 3 minutes

PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Kuperholz, explains why ‘big data’ is a misleading term – and why data is now both an asset and a currency.

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Internet trends tell a tale of ‘real-live’ storytelling

13 Jun 2016 8 minutes

Seismic shifts in technology have altered the way we tell stories and consume content. With mobile video and digital storytelling forecast to be powerful trends, how can businesses get on board?

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The entertainment and media opportunity in asia

Asia’s digital media opportunities: Do we speak their language?

David Wiadrowski 09 Jun 2016 6 minutes

The media industry in Australia has a number of digital growth opportunities in Asia, shows PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook. However, the pivot must be cultural as well as economic.

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