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Report: Experience is everything

Richard Blundell 27 Mar 2018 9 minutes

Is it technology or humans that helps you win at retail? According to customers, it’s both, but they have specific parts to play when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

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Infographic: How cyber aware is Australian business?

22 Mar 2018 3 minutes

Cyber breaches are a fact of life in 2018. But Australian companies are still underinvesting in security measures. In the age of compulsory disclosure, are you best placed to protect your customers?

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Failure to launch: Five common transformation problems

Berry Driessen 13 Mar 2018 10 minutes

Everyone knows that they need to get with the digital program, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. PwC’s Berry Driessen reveals the top five problems businesses face when attempting a digital transformation.

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Editorial: PwC’s 21st CEO Survey – The need for speed

John Riccio 05 Mar 2018 9 minutes

According to the latest CEO Survey, the speed of technological change is keeping CEOs up at night like never before. ASEANZ Digital Services Lead Partner, John Riccio, shares his thoughts on how companies can adapt to rapid change without losing sleep.

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Why digital health is worth the risk

Richard Royle 22 Feb 2018 9 minutes

The health industry has to a large extent been driven by fear of disastrous digitisation efforts in health. But innovations in the industry are moving quickly, and governments can play a vital role in their successful implementation, PwC’s Richard Royle says.

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Report: CEO Survey – the opportunity in the skills shortage

John Riccio 19 Feb 2018 10 minutes

While workers worry that their jobs will be made obsolete, PwC’s latest CEO Survey finds chief executives believe it’s their role to reskill employees. As talent pools become shallower, this may be crucial, says PwC’s John Riccio.

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2018: Digital predictions in the year of fragility

John Riccio 30 Jan 2018 13 minutes

This year, optimism and caution are the lenses through which businesses will navigate digital change. The PwC Digital Services team give their predictions of the biggest trends in technology in 2018.

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Three ways to prepare for the new tech wave

Will Kingston 23 Jan 2018 8 minutes

Companies are racing to adopt cutting edge technology to optimise their customer experience, but the likes of AI and blockchain will only take you so far unless the underlying infrastructure is reshaped first.

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Protect.me: How consumers see cyber security and privacy risks

Steve Ingram 05 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A recent PwC survey found that 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices. To earn trust, and consumer business, companies must protect customer data and respect individual privacy.

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