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Eight reasons business projects fail, and how to fix them

If transformation projects continually fail to hit the mark it could indicate a need to look at the culture of your project teams. Getting these eight behavioural areas right will be key to project success.

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Virtual volunteering in a time of crisis… and innovation

Louise Halliwell 22 May 2020 9 minutes

COVID-19 has created significant challenges for NFPs in a time when their services are more important than ever. Not only could the emergence of virtual volunteering provide a solution, it could transform the whole sector.

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onboarding in COVID-19

How COVID-19 is transforming employee onboarding

19 May 2020 7 minutes

Organisations in certain industries have had to act fast to meet a surge in demand from COVID-19. The lessons from rapidly onboarding staff will help set them and their employees up for future success.

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fast tech adoption

What PwC Australia learned about fast tracking tech adoption during COVID-19

Vishy Narayanan 13 May 2020 8 minutes

COVID-19 has provided many organisations with a crash course in technology adoption. Here are some of the lessons PwC Australia learned in moving its 8000-strong workforce to remote working in a fortnight.

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COVID-19 cyber security considerations

Three steps to secure your business from cyber threats during COVID-19

Cameron Whittfield Robert Martin 07 May 2020 5 minutes

Many businesses face material disruptions to their normal operating models. As operating models adapt, so too do cyber threats. Here are some tips on how to keep your organisation and people cyber safe.

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digital workplace

Heads, hearts & hands: Tips for enabling your digital workplace

Vanessa Sequeira Dilini Fernando 23 Apr 2020 12 minutes

Keeping the physical rhythm and goals of the workplace in a digital format requires addressing holistic needs. Here are our top people-care tips to help keep your business heading in the right direction.

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COVID-19 business disruption

How businesses are reinventing themselves in the time of COVID-19

Ben Cotter 22 Apr 2020 7 minutes

COVID-19 is disrupting business in unprecedented ways. But companies are showing their ability to adapt and innovate to the changes with ingenuity, at a blistering pace.

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virtual collaboration

Business (not) as usual: Tips for strategic virtual collaboration

Karyn Hobbs Justin Homer 08 Apr 2020 8 minutes

A productive, aligned and strategic meeting is possible, even when your team isn’t in the same room, if you set up your virtual collaboration using these key principles.

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agile controls

How to control, but not slow down, your Agile workplace

Agile is lauded as a way of making workplaces quicker, more competitive and holistic, but speed shouldn’t equal slap-dash. PwC’s Australian transformation assurance team examines how businesses can implement effective Agile controls in the workplace.

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