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CEO Survey: Australian leaders say digital innovation is central to growth

28 Jan 2015 5 minutes

A new PwC survey has identified that Australian CEOs are increasingly aware of the ways in which digital innovation can transform everything from operational efficiency to the customer experience.

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Video: The Connected Retail Revolution

John Riccio 05 Dec 2014 54 seconds

Last week’s PwC Retail and Consumer Digital Breakfast showed businesses how to leverage the rise of connected retail to forge customer relationships that last.

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PwC and the 2014 STEM video game challenge

Kate Bennett Eriksson 17 Nov 2014 4 minutes

PwC’s participation in the 2014 STEM Video Game Challenge is a reflection of our commitment to encouraging school-aged Australians to focus on the skills that will help them succeed in the 21st century.

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What can ‘innovation spaces’ do for your small business?

Kate Bennett Eriksson 06 Nov 2014 6 minutes

The growth of innovation spaces is an encouraging sign that innovation in all its forms continues to grow – but they need to be used in the right ways.

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Podcast: The R&D Tax problem

30 Oct 2014 1 minute

The R&D Tax Incentive is one of the best opportunities for small businesses to recoup their money put into innovation. A new product from PwC is designed to make the application process faster and easier.

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Nifty R&D – Driving innovation through access to the R&D Tax Incentive

Mark O’Neill 24 Oct 2014 5 minutes

Creating opportunities for innovation is crucial and incentives are a big enabler of this. Mark O’Neill takes us behind the scenes of the launch of PwC’s new online platform, Nifty R&D, which aims to make it easier for SMEs to access the R&D Tax Incentive.

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Four ways businesses and governments are using data to innovate

Trent Lund 16 Sep 2014 5 minutes

There is a potential $48 billion in value not being realised in Australia due to an abundance of unused data – here are four ways business is changing that.

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Launch: The necessity of data-driven innovation

Duncan Stone 11 Sep 2014 6 minutes

The launch of a new report produced by Google and PwC resulted in some necessary conversation about the use of data in Australia.

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Open Innovation at the University of Western Sydney: Data innovation

26 Aug 2014 3 minutes

The growth of information in the digital age has even created a buzzword – “big data”. It’s often used disparagingly but in…

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