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Here’s looking at you: Canberra launches a ‘new approach’ to government services with Digital Transformation Office

Tan Allaway 09 Apr 2015 3 minutes

Malcolm Turnbull’s Digital Transformation Office has made the first step towards digital delivery of government services. The focus is firmly on the customer, with the DTO also keen to engage private-sector thinking.

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Infographic: Australia’s love affair with tablet devices

08 Apr 2015 1 minute

Research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority reveals that Australians across all age ranges are using tablet devices extensively. This infographic takes a look at what is driving this technology love affair.

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The sharing economy: A way to disrupt financial services

02 Apr 2015 5 minutes

The sharing economy has disrupted numerous industries. Jason-Juma Ross explores how it will impact banking and financial services, with a view from global thought leader, Rachel Botsman on how the consumer is driving this change.

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Turning disruption into innovation: Five key digital trends for future growth

Kate Bennett Eriksson 23 Mar 2015 6 minutes

Digital disruption can be predicted, so why does it come as a surprise? Kate Eriksson looks at some of the upcoming digital and societal disruptive trends and explains how businesses can take advantage of innovation opportunities arising from these.

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Nifty R&D: Our Agile approach – Small steps that create big changes

Ben Richardson 17 Mar 2015 6 minutes

Ben Richardson shares an operational perspective on PwC’s first online offering. What goes on behind the scenes to allow an innovative product – and up to 50 updates a week – to run smoothly?

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Editorial: Business innovation – Let’s all ‘Make It Happen’

Kate Bennett Eriksson 08 Mar 2015 5 minutes

Kate Eriksson reflects on the theme for International Women’s Day 2015, ‘Make It Happen’ and discusses why more than ever, in today’s business landscape, it is applicable to business innovation, strategy and leadership.

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Nifty R&D: Learnings from launching a new business in a traditional environment

Mark O’Neill 02 Mar 2015 8 minutes

Mark O’Neill takes us behind the scenes of the launch of PwC’s innovative new online R&D tax incentive tool, Nifty R&D. Mark shares his experience on launching a new online service within a traditional offline environment and what he’s learnt along the way.

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Behind the scenes at World IA Day 2015

Kate Needham 02 Mar 2015 5 minutes

Did you miss out on the 2015 World IA Day event hosted at PwC’s Canberra office? Centred on the theme of ‘Architecting Happiness’, Kate Needham shares a round-up of the day’s discussions.

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Infographic: STEM education the way forward for Australian prosperity in 2050?

13 Feb 2015 1 minute

With Australia at risk of losing its place in the world economy by 2050 – we highlight the importance of STEM education and why it is required for an economically productive future.

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