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Australia has embraced contactless payments, but will we go fully mobile?

Tan Allaway 29 May 2015 4 minutes

Australian consumers are the global leaders in contactless payments, but what will it take for widespread adoption of mobile payment services?

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Sharing economy is no different to a physical business, rules ATO

John Riccio 25 May 2015 4 minutes

The ATO has proclaimed Uber’s offering as a taxi service, meaning major GST implications for its drivers. Does the ruling create a level playing field for the sharing economy and small businesses as a whole, or just within the taxi industry?

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Crowdfunding injects record-breaking finance for healthcare wearable

20 May 2015 3 minutes

A healthcare device to monitor patients with Parkinson’s disease wins $1.5 million investment via crowdfunding – a route to technology finance that looks set to grow with government support.

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Government pledges $255m to kick-start Digital Transformation Agenda

Tan Allaway 18 May 2015 5 minutes

The Federal Budget has allocated significant sums to launch the Digital Transformation Office and its much awaited Digital Transformation Agenda – giving government transformation the priority it deserves.

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Vision, business plan, action: Four approaches to innovation

Kate Bennett Eriksson 18 May 2015 8 minutes

You’ve predicted future disruptive trends and established your business vision. Now what? Kate Eriksson explains approaches to innovation that can help turn your plans into action.

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Real estate investors move to crowdfunding platforms

Tan Allaway 11 May 2015 5 minutes

Crowdfunding platforms offering real estate have now launched in Australia, meaning property investment has now opened to a wider market that’s demanding a different user experience.

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Australian business must engage in STEM education or struggle to find staff

Tan Allaway 05 May 2015 4 minutes

Digital disruption means a radical skill-change for the Australian workforce, says PwC’s report ‘A smart move’. Business will play a vital part in future-proofing our economy, alongside government and education.

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QUT launches Digital Chair – Australia’s first job to ‘shape’ the digital ecosystem

Tan Allaway 24 Apr 2015 2 minutes

Queensland University of Technology has launched a role that aims to connect academia, business and government to respond to digital disruption and harness the emerging digital economy. The PwC Chair in Digital Economy is the first of its type in Australia.

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Podcast: GSISS 2015 – The cyber security risks for technology in energy, utilities and mining

Andrew Gordon 24 Apr 2015 1 minute

PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) reveals the increasing risks for energy, utilities and mining industries. Outdated systems and a greater reliance on technology could open the door to more cyber security attacks. Andrew Gordon and Stephen Loadsman discuss the issues that lie ahead.

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