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Report: Cloud leads the charge for cyber security

Steve Ingram 22 Oct 2015 8 minutes

Cloud services, the IoT and big data are all presenting great opportunities for organisations to manage their cyber risks, says PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2016.

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Infographic: What’s Australia’s Digital IQ?

John Riccio 21 Oct 2015 1 minute

In the Digital IQ survey of nearly 2,000 executives worldwide, PwC teased out the attributes that signal financial success. Here we highlight the key findings for Australian businesses.

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Report: Digital IQ Survey – Examining the digital health of Australian businesses

John Riccio 19 Oct 2015 3 minutes

PwC’s annual survey of digital acumen shows that Australian enterprise is failing to capitalise fully on its investments – driven by a narrow view of what ‘digital’ truly is.

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Digital payments: Customers want rewards – and retailers can reap them

Tan Allaway 12 Oct 2015 4 minutes

As digital payments absorb the majority of transactions, a new survey by Strategy& reveals that consumers are least satisfied with the rewards that come from a cashless journey.

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Access all areas: Digital accessibility for the self-service citizen

Nick Spooner 07 Oct 2015 8 minutes

The internet may have the potential to be history’s greatest equaliser but when it comes to inclusivity, there is still a way to go. Nick Spooner names three strategies to create an online experience that’s a delight for all.

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Do we need to think multi-speed to gain advantage in our digital world?

Philip Otley 05 Oct 2015 4 minutes

Chairing the CEDA Digital Bytes event on digital disruption, Philip Otley raises the question on everybody’s lips: maybe it’s less about where your organisation should go, more about how to get there?

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Innovation and business complexity pose a threat to cyber security

29 Sep 2015 7 minutes

The increasing complexity of systems and processes in large enterprises, and the growing focus on agile innovation, is making it harder to secure valuable information. Here are some strategies for managing risk.

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Technology proves the biggest pain for Australian insurers

Tan Allaway 09 Sep 2015 3 minutes

Access to health records and personal data are such a boon to hackers that insurance companies are facing unprecedented levels of cyber attack – putting it at the top of a list of industry concerns.

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Case Study

PwC recognised for excellence in innovation at the 2015 Australian Business Awards

Trent Lund 21 Aug 2015 5 minutes

PwC took home two awards at the 2015 Australian Business Awards, establishing itself as a major force in product innovation for the second year in a row.

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