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Employee onboarding: First impressions do count

Leigh Malcolmson 20 Feb 2018 9 minutes

Optimising the employee experience begins before they even start their first day, and a successful onboarding process can improve a company’s performance, culture and bottom line.

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Report: CEO Survey – the opportunity in the skills shortage

John Riccio 19 Feb 2018 10 minutes

While workers worry that their jobs will be made obsolete, PwC’s latest CEO Survey finds chief executives believe it’s their role to reskill employees. As talent pools become shallower, this may be crucial, says PwC’s John Riccio.

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Turn up the volume on video (conferencing)

Bryce de Prinse 12 Feb 2018 7 minutes

Video conferencing has a questionable history, but these days the technology is perfectly able to connect dispersed co-workers. Here are five tips to get the best out of your video implementation.

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How chatbots can get you home on time

Greg Buresch 22 Jan 2018 10 minutes

Chatbots are already making our personal lives easier, providing voice-activated assistance with information and tasks. They could be even more useful in the workplace.

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Infographic: Your (cyber) new year’s resolutions

19 Jan 2018 2 minutes

Global cyber security threats are rising and daily breach attempts are a common occurrence for business. As we enter a new year and new, unknown threats, it’s a good time to check if your company has the bases covered.

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Video: When I grow up, I want to be a…robot?

15 Jan 2018 2 minutes

How do we teach children that their dream job may not exist in the future? Rob McCargow says we should trust the younger generations to engage with complex problems, and they could even solve them.

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Report: The innovative new role of the CFO

John Shipman 12 Dec 2017 6 minutes

Beyond assurance and payroll, today’s CFOs are leading business innovation by embracing data and emerging technology to provide strategic insight and create value.

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Love your staff or lose your customers

Richard Blundell 11 Dec 2017 7 minutes

Empowering customer-facing staff with technology and new practices is the key to delivering your brand strategy and preventing negative experiences that go viral.

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Why the employee is the new customer

John Riccio Eyal Genende 27 Nov 2017 8 minutes

For years, businesses have focused on the customer experience. Now, they’re turning their attention and budgets to the employee experience. What’s driving organisations to get their house in order?

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