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Wearable tech might be more about the enterprise than consumers

22 Jan 2014 3 minutes

With wearable tech apps already being developed for a variety of workplace circumstances, it appears enterprise, rather than the consumer base, is winning out.

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The most popular passwords – and why they’ll disappear

21 Jan 2014 2 minutes

Digital enterprises concerned with security now have the opportunity to use two and even multiple factor security options – relying on employee-only passwords to protect information may soon by a remnant of the digital past.

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Build versus buy – the argument for custom software

20 Jan 2014 5 minutes

Custom software builds have always been preferred by business, but until now have been out of reach. But how can businesses decide whether to buy an off-the-shelf solution and build their own?

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Making financial sense of the social landscape

09 Jan 2014 3 minutes

Navigating the social landscape is difficult enough, but those businesses able to track sales and financial returns will be the most successful.

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When consumer and enterprise apps combine…

26 Nov 2013 7 minutes

Consumers are increasingly demanding access to productivity apps in the workplace, and developers are responding. But how should employers handle the cross over between personal and enterprise apps?

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The 10 best digital productivity tools you’re probably not using right (or at all)

21 Nov 2013 10 minutes

Is technology helping or hindering you? Patrick Stafford lists 10 handy digital productivity tools to help improve your personal efficiency.

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Editorial: Will the Yahoo work from home ban help the company go forward?

John Riccio 04 Mar 2013 2 minutes

As the majority of businesses are heading towards increased flexibility in terms of workspace and arrangements, Yahoo’s recent edict banning working from home has left the corporate world baffled and seemingly divided. John Riccio weighs in on the argument about whether the ban will help the company go forward.

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Infographic – Implementing ‘bring your own device’ strategy

Nirosha Methananda 06 Feb 2013 1 minute

Driven by the development of mobile technology, enterprise IT teams will be faced with a growing ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) culture in 2013. This infographic examines ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ when implementing BYOD strategies.

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2013 Enterprise IT Influencers: The evolution of ‘Bring Your Own Device’

Trent Lund 22 Jan 2013 3 minutes

Driven by an increasingly competitive mobile technology landscape, the line between work and personal devices is quickly dissolving. We explore the growth of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture within organisations and what impact it will have on enterprise IT.

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