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Digital Pulse: Report Digital IQ 2018

Global Digital IQ Survey 2018: It’s time to stop being a digital poser

John Riccio Tom Puthiyamadam 16 Nov 2018 10 minutes

It’s time to stop talking and start walking. PwC’s 2018 Global Digital IQ Survey identifies the four types of digital business that companies aspire to – and the common pitfalls they need to address to succeed.

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The must-know strategies for getting employees to embrace workplace technology

09 Nov 2018 9 minutes

There’s a disconnect between what executives believe and what employees actually experience when it comes to technology at work. Getting buy-in from staff is critical to ensure it does its job – adding value and efficiency to business.

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What a clunky 1980s cell phone can teach us about leadership

David Clarke 08 Nov 2018 8 minutes

To stay ahead of the curve, executives must be early adopters of technology. By embracing their own curiosity and showing optimism for the future they will not only set an example for staff, but ensure their business remains at the cutting-edge of possibility.

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Digital Pulse: Global Innovation 1000 2018

Global Innovation 1000: The six characteristics of superior innovators

Barry Jaruzelski 02 Nov 2018 10 minutes

This year’s Strategy& Global Innovation 1000 study confirms that research and development success is not predicated on how much you spend, but rather on how you spend it.

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The unexpected formula for customer experience success

The unexpected formula for great customer experience

David Clarke 18 Oct 2018 7 minutes

It’s been proven that a good experience leads customers to spend more, but perhaps counter-intuitively, in order to enable that, companies should spend more on their employees. It’s time for business to get smarter.

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Digital Pulse: Combining emerging technologies

The power combo: Emerging tech configurations to drive value and innovation

Scott Likens 17 Oct 2018 6 minutes

Don’t stop at one – emerging technologies provide more value when they’re used together. Here are five combinations that are changing the business landscape.

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Four ways PwC is managing the work app revolution

Orla Broughton 11 Oct 2018 9 minutes

As new platforms and apps become the next must-haves for business productivity, managing a growing number of assets can be a challenge. But there are ways to create efficiencies that can free up the team for higher value work, as Orla Broughton explains.

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Business sketching and design thinking to solve problems

Drawing conclusions: Solving business problems with experience and pencils

John Jones 10 Oct 2018 6 minutes

The answers to problems are rarely found in isolation. Find out how a simple childhood game of communal drawing embodies design thinking methodologies to solve complex business challenges.

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Digital Pulse Eight Essential Emerging Technologies

The essential eight technologies revolutionising business

Scott Likens 04 Oct 2018 7 minutes

PwC’s pick of the essential eight emerging technologies that are transforming the business landscape. Which ones will your organisation adopt?

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