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Podcast: Working with Google for the future

John Riccio 07 Nov 2014 1 minute

Thriving in the digital economy means using the best tools available – the recent alliance between Google and PwC is a prime example.

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Infographic: Analytics changing big decisions in manufacturing

John Studley 05 Nov 2014 1 minute

The manufacturing industry has continued to undergo dramatic change during the past half decade – and digital disruption ensures more transformation is on the way.

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Google & PwC: Enhancing digital innovation with the right tools

John Riccio 03 Nov 2014 4 minutes

If Australia is to increase its digital innovation, businesses must ensure the tools they are using support them and get out of the way.

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The financial risk of cyber security breaches

Steve Ingram 10 Oct 2014 5 minutes

A well-designed cyber security program will not completely eliminate risk, but it will help ensure that organisation responds appropriately

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Moving forward: The 2013 Strategy& Australian Chief Executive Study

30 Sep 2014 1 minute

The Strategy& 2013 Chief Executive Survey shows there is still a lack of women in leadership – and signs are mixed as to whether things are getting better.

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Report: Working smarter with data to reach the $48bn data-driven innovation dividend

Trent Lund 11 Sep 2014 8 minutes

As data becomes an inherent part of our lives, our new report, released in conjunction with Google Australia, explores the opportunities for data-driven innovation to drive forward our economic and social prosperity.

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Instagram and Hyperlapse – raising the creative bar

27 Aug 2014 3 minutes

Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse, allows users to create high-quality time-lapse images. It’s also a push for businesses to be more creative with tech.

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Open Innovation at the University of Western Sydney: Collaboration spaces

26 Aug 2014 4 minutes

Together with the University of Sydney, Google, Cisco and the New South Wales Government, PwC is attempting to figure out how to create more collaborative and cooperative working spaces in Sydney.

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The top 10 industries adopting the “internet of things”

John Riccio 11 Aug 2014 6 minutes

The internet of things is arriving – these are the top 10 industries not just adopting sensors but using them to transform their business.

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