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Uncovered: RansomWeb – The silent assassin crippling business, brand and the bottom line

Enter the next level in cyber extortion, RansomWeb. A cyber security attack so stealthy that by the time a breach is revealed, it can be too late to recover – paralysing digital assets and causing immeasurable damage to business, brand and the bottom line.

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Open Innovation pilot finds inventive answers to big-ticket problems

Trent Lund 14 Jan 2015 6 minutes

A partnership between PwC and UWS, the Western Sydney Open Innovation Pilot unearthed a wave of trailblazers who use left-field thinking to spark change.

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Infographic: The importance of social strategy

28 Nov 2014 1 minute

If businesses are hoping to survive in the digital era, they must consider their social strategy not just one, cornered off part of a plan, but one involving the entire business

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The maturation of the enterprise social network

25 Nov 2014 3 minutes

The rise of enterprise social networks such as Slack comes as companies move towards a flatter, more communicative structure.

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Digital IQ: HR and business strategy

19 Nov 2014 5 minutes

The digital transformations approaching all businesses demands a new approach – HR executives are well placed to spearhead improvements.

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Podcast: Working with Google for the future

John Riccio 07 Nov 2014 1 minute

Thriving in the digital economy means using the best tools available – the recent alliance between Google and PwC is a prime example.

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Infographic: Analytics changing big decisions in manufacturing

John Studley 05 Nov 2014 1 minute

The manufacturing industry has continued to undergo dramatic change during the past half decade – and digital disruption ensures more transformation is on the way.

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Google & PwC: Enhancing digital innovation with the right tools

John Riccio 03 Nov 2014 4 minutes

If Australia is to increase its digital innovation, businesses must ensure the tools they are using support them and get out of the way.

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The financial risk of cyber security breaches

Steve Ingram 10 Oct 2014 5 minutes

A well-designed cyber security program will not completely eliminate risk, but it will help ensure that organisation responds appropriately

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