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Keep flexible and carry on: policies for a mobile workforce

Tan Allaway 08 Jul 2015 6 minutes

As technology companies increasingly adopt flexible practices to attract staff, what are the considerations for maintaining a mobile workforce?

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Connecting the call centre: Five approaches to reduce call volume

Brett Fairbank 29 Jun 2015 6 minutes

When it comes to cost-cutting, businesses often look to their contact centre first. But what drives high call volume and how can this be reduced, while still offering a great customer experience?

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Uncovered: Design thinking

Marina Paronetto 01 Jun 2015 5 minutes

In our series that unravels buzzwords and industry terms, Marina Paronetto describes how the process of design thinking has leapt from the product designer’s studio into the realms of strategy and innovation.

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Australian business must engage in STEM education or struggle to find staff

Tan Allaway 05 May 2015 4 minutes

Digital disruption means a radical skill-change for the Australian workforce, says PwC’s report ‘A smart move’. Business will play a vital part in future-proofing our economy, alongside government and education.

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Nifty R&D: How developers balance quality, speed and cost

28 Apr 2015 6 minutes

Nifty R&D developer Tom Broomfield shares four key principles that guide the technology and building process behind PwC’s online tax offering.

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Podcast: GSISS 2015 – The rise of hacktivist cyber attacks in energy, utilities and mining

Andrew Gordon 17 Apr 2015 1 minute

PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2015 shows that ‘hacktivism’ is on the rise. Energy, utilities and mining industries now face cyber security attacks driven by a new motive: malicious intent. Andrew Gordon and Stephen Loadsman discuss the emerging challenges for industry.

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Podcast: GSISS 2015 – The internet of things is changing healthcare

Thomas Sonderegger 10 Apr 2015 1 minute

The internet of things will introduce tremendous benefits for healthcare organisations and consumers. It is also set to create a new world of security risks, which PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) reveals are not being fully tackled by the majority of providers. Thomas Sonderegger and Nikhil de Silva discuss the issues.

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Here’s looking at you: Canberra launches a ‘new approach’ to government services with Digital Transformation Office

Tan Allaway 09 Apr 2015 3 minutes

Malcolm Turnbull’s Digital Transformation Office has made the first step towards digital delivery of government services. The focus is firmly on the customer, with the DTO also keen to engage private-sector thinking.

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Beyond inspiration: How to make innovation ‘real’

Kate Bennett Eriksson 30 Mar 2015 4 minutes

Following on from the inspirational outlook from the Creative Innovation 2015 conference, Kate Eriksson shares four practical ways to make innovation ‘real’ beyond hierarchy and keep it alive within your business.

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