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Daring differently: Three concepts to realise digital transcendence

David Clarke 05 Mar 2020 8 minutes

Do you dare? Continuing in our series on this year’s Digital IQ Survey, PwC US’s Chief Experience Officer, David Clarke, explores the three pillars that companies need to set in place to get real results from their digital efforts.

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Digital leadership skills for transformational change

O Captain, our captain: Why digital change must start at the top

Tom Puthiyamadam 27 Feb 2020 8 minutes

Is your leadership up to scratch? PwC’s Tom Puthiyamadam says that without digitally skilled leaders, transforming the rest of the organisation will be a struggle.

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Making the most out of MOOCs for business

Bernard de Villepin Theresa Cook 19 Feb 2020 9 minutes

Upskilling employees to meet the needs of a constantly evolving workplace is daunting, but MOOCs may be a powerful tool to educate and empower employees, as PwC Luxembourg’s Bernard de Villepin and Theresa Cook explore.

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agile audit

New ways of working: Would you survive an Agile audit?

There’s risk in not transforming your business, but the risk can be higher when you do. Organisations who have embraced new ways of working must make sure that they’ve implemented them correctly. Would your Agile organisation pass the audit?

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tax managed services

Tax managed services: A new way to upskill your team

Doug Thomas 30 Jan 2020 7 minutes

Many tax functions struggle to keep pace with the array of emerging technologies in the market, and are often hard-pressed to provide training that allows workers to take advantage of tech. The solution to this quandary? Tax managed services.

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digital adoption

Game the change for employee digital adoption

David Clarke 23 Jan 2020 8 minutes

So you have to change your business, your tech or your software. How do you encourage digital adoption among your employees? With a new map and different approach, explains PwC US’s Chief Experience Officer, David Clarke.

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2020 predictions

Unlocking next level: Predicting the trends of 2020

John Riccio 21 Jan 2020 10 minutes

As the new decade begins, technologies that were once emerging are now mainstream and transformation strategies are getting tired. Here’s a look at the trends PwC leaders believe are the ‘ones to watch’ in 2020.

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Digital Pulse generation z innovation

How Gen Z can lead the next innovation revolution

Vicki Huff Eckert 03 Dec 2019 7 minutes

They may be the most junior employees, but the natural way generation Z use digital tools can help supercharge a business’ innovation efforts, when coached by leaders with a structured, multi-generational approach.

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Digital Pulse strategic upskilling

A roadmap for strategically upskilling staff

Laurent Probst Christian Scharff 20 Nov 2019 10 minutes

Upskilling is fast becoming a reality when it comes to businesses, government and society at large. In any organisation, a strategic roadmap will be required to get results.

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