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Infographic: Talkin’ ’bout my generation… in the workplace

07 Sep 2017 2 minutes

As we enter an era where workers need adaptable skillsets, Generations X, Y and Z may require distinct approaches when it comes to nurturing agility.

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Using science fiction to explore business innovation

Amy Gibbs 05 Sep 2017 9 minutes

To compete, businesses understand they need to innovate, embrace digital disruption and transform offerings. Knowing how to begin that journey is tricky. Science fiction provides an accessible starting point.

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Around the world in insurtech

Nick Spooner 04 Sep 2017 11 minutes

Globally, insurtech is establishing itself in a variety of places. Australia has all the building blocks to lead in insurance innovation. What could the future hold if insurance, tech and regulators worked together?

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Why the experience age is closing the gap between consultancy and agency

John Riccio 22 Aug 2017 8 minutes

Creativity can’t go it alone, says John Riccio. Businesses are looking for a strong brand strategy backed up by data. Where does that leave the advertising industry?

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Infographic: New trends in design

10 Aug 2017 1 minute

2017 is big and bold when it comes to design. Dramatic shapes, large fonts and neon-gradient backgrounds will get your customers’ attention.

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What do students today need for the jobs of tomorrow?

Berry Driessen 07 Aug 2017 11 minutes

Professional job prospects for university students are declining. Why are graduates struggling to find work, and what can be done about it? Berry Driessen examines the shifting relationship between education and employment.

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Video: Responding to AI for real business value

Matt Kuperholz 13 Jul 2017 2 minutes

Is artificial intelligence about to move from the future to the now? PwC’s Matt Kuperholz, Kate Eriksson and John Studley discuss the value that AI will bring to business.

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Thawing the resistance to digital transformation

Philip Otley Dr Alex Klat-Smith 11 Jul 2017 10 minutes

The frozen middle of a business can put a stop to innovation and transformation. Thawing out politics, behaviours and mindsets isn’t always easy, but it can be achieved with a strategic approach.

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Why conversation is the future of customer experience

Sean Colvin Will Kingston 07 Jul 2017 8 minutes

When it comes to customer experience, messaging apps, AI and voice assistants are capitalising on the art of a good conversation. Brands that get this communication right will reap the rewards of the intelligent experience economy.

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