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Are daily deals dead? Pivoting to avert a downturn – Part 1

Mark O’Neill 22 Nov 2012 6 minutes

Are daily deals dead? With reports rife daily deals are heading into oblivion, in the first of our two-part series, we examine the weaknesses of this business model and what went wrong.

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Retail reinvention – Developing a consumer sculpted strategy

John Riccio 05 Nov 2012 3 minutes

Digital technologies have undoubtedly changed the retail experience and customer expectations. The question is, how can businesses harness and differentiate in order to survive and thrive in this crowded industry?

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Harnessing the power of Big Data to explore a new frontier for innovation

John Riccio 19 Oct 2012 3 minutes

Big Data represents big opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. The trick is in being able to ask the right questions and examine the right sources in order to glean these insights.

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Infographic: Evolve with PwC’s Digital Services

John Riccio 01 Oct 2012 56 seconds

Like the industrial revolution fundamentally changed the world, the digital revolution will be remembered as one that transformed the fabric of conventional business models and society at large. PwC’s Digital Services can offer your business a pragmatic, strategic and comprehensive approach to ensure you evolve within the digital economy.

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Infographic – Exploring global ecommerce opportunities

Nirosha Methananda 21 Sep 2012 41 seconds

Following on from our article ‘Why globalising your online retail offering is crucial for future success’, this infographic, produced by UK-based search marketing company Search Laboratory, outlines the opportunities for global ecommerce.

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Social media brand management strategies to increase customer acquisition

Anthony Mittelmark 16 Sep 2012 5 minutes

In the age of social media, brands can no longer be controlled online and brand values often do not translate. Advertising which works in one direction is now well and truly gone and having a social media brand management strategy to respond to both customer requirements and customer issues is critical.

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Innovative business strategy and learnings from Broadway

Nirosha Methananda 05 Sep 2012 4 minutes

In the face of failure, the producers of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark employed innovative business strategy in order to turnaround the show and succeed. We explore how these strategies can be adapted and applied within the corporate context.

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Mobile Banking – The Path to Monetisation

John Riccio 23 Aug 2012 4 minutes

The path to monetisation for the financial services lies firmly within the online and mobile banking channels. Businesses that focus on growing their multi-channel offering and audience will also reap the rewards – with PwC research revealing that these customers are 1.5 times more profitable than single-channel customers.

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Opportunity of the decade: Growing revenue through the digital wallet

22 Aug 2012 4 minutes

The ‘always on’, hyper-connected customer has sparked innovative mobile payment options. Financial services firms and banks are optimally placed to leverage this trend in order to generate new revenue streams. However, winning the mobile payments war calls for a collaborative, highly scalable approach to mobile technologies.

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