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5 ways to build an internal social network that’s actually useful

11 Dec 2013 6 minutes

More companies are building internal social networks, but they’re not always useful. Here are five ways to make sure your business network actually takes off – and improves your team.

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Finding the harmony in big data

11 Dec 2013 4 minutes

Music app Shazam has used its own data to predict the next biggest stars of 2014. How should other businesses be taking advantage of big data?

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Jason Juma-Ross puts Digital Intelligence on the agenda at ADMA

Nirosha Methananda 10 Dec 2013 4 minutes

Recent appointee to the ADMA Board of Directors, Jason Juma-Ross shares what’s high on his agenda for driving marketing effectiveness and real value through digital intelligence.

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The 12 trends of Christmas – How online retailers are adapting: Part 2

John Riccio 18 Nov 2013 5 minutes

John Riccio shares the remaining six trends on how retailers can make the most of the fast-approaching Christmas period and pull in those last minute shoppers and sales!

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The 12 trends of Christmas – How online retailers are adapting: Part 1

John Riccio 14 Nov 2013 6 minutes

With digital firmly implanted on the retail radar and Christmas just around the corner, John Riccio shares up and coming trends that online retailers should be thinking about in the lead up to the holiday season.

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The three ‘C’s of content marketing: Context, curation and customisation

Nirosha Methananda 27 Sep 2013 5 minutes

Whether text, image or video: content is vital to a successful digital presence. We explore how ‘context, curation and customisation’ can assist businesses in driving the success of their content marketing activities.

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Infographic: Exploring the world of content marketing

Nirosha Methananda 27 Sep 2013 1 minute

The art of communicating without selling, in the emerging digital economy, content marketing is becoming a critical part of the marketing mix – we explore some key facts and stats about this discipline.

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‘I think…’ vs. ‘I know…’ – Using big data interpretation analysis to scale intuition

19 Sep 2013 9 minutes

Jason Juma-Ross weighs in on the debate between fact and intuition, and explores how to use data to systematically scale intuition.

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Editorial – Going around the paywall for new solutions to sharing news

Anthony Mittelmark 03 Jul 2013 5 minutes

Although paywalls are being heralded as the solution to many publisher’s revenue problems, Anthony Mittelmark begs to differ! He explores the impact of paywalls on retaining readership and outlines an alternative model for commercialisation and content sharing.

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