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company culture

Critical behaviours for a growth-enhancing culture

Augusto Giacoman Dave Eberhardt 14 May 2020 12 minutes

A strong, strategically-aligned culture will help companies avoid obsolescence, embrace innovation and enable the resilience needed to grow in a challenging environment.

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COVID-19 cyber security considerations

Three steps to secure your business from cyber threats during COVID-19

Cameron Whittfield Robert Martin 07 May 2020 5 minutes

Many businesses face material disruptions to their normal operating models. As operating models adapt, so too do cyber threats. Here are some tips on how to keep your organisation and people cyber safe.

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Telehealth opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Reimagining healthcare: Telemedicine initiatives for COVID-19

Damien Angus Maureen Connolly 29 Apr 2020 10 minutes

Changing consumer attitudes and the necessity to ‘flatten the curve’ are ushering in a new era of telemedicine. A range of initiatives could help reduce surge capacity on healthcare systems and reimagine how healthcare is delivered in the future.

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Online customer experience

The human experience: Connecting with customers during a pandemic

Olaf Acker 28 Apr 2020 9 minutes

Brand relationships have been strained by the loss of face-to-face business, but they can still be strengthened. Maintaining a human touch, with empathy and authenticity, will ensure good customer experience in a virtual world.

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digital workplace

Heads, hearts & hands: Tips for enabling your digital workplace

Vanessa Sequeira Dilini Fernando 23 Apr 2020 12 minutes

Keeping the physical rhythm and goals of the workplace in a digital format requires addressing holistic needs. Here are our top people-care tips to help keep your business heading in the right direction.

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COVID-19 business disruption

How businesses are reinventing themselves in the time of COVID-19

Ben Cotter 22 Apr 2020 7 minutes

COVID-19 is disrupting business in unprecedented ways. But companies are showing their ability to adapt and innovate to the changes with ingenuity, at a blistering pace.

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COVID-19 Navigator

COVID-19 Navigator: Assessing the impact of coronavirus on your business

Kristin Rivera David Stainback 21 Apr 2020 4 minutes

Do you understand the potential impact of the novel coronavirus on your business? PwC’s new digital assessment tool, the COVID-19 Navigator, can help you gauge your readiness to respond.

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virtual collaboration

Business (not) as usual: Tips for strategic virtual collaboration

Karyn Hobbs Justin Homer 08 Apr 2020 8 minutes

A productive, aligned and strategic meeting is possible, even when your team isn’t in the same room, if you set up your virtual collaboration using these key principles.

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crisis planning

When the unexpected happens: Crisis planning for business

07 Apr 2020 12 minutes

Not only is a crisis unexpected, it almost never plays out the way you think it will. By considering the types of threats at play and adopting a ‘meta-readiness’ approach, organisations can prepare for an event that simply won’t ‘go to plan’.

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