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Infographic: PwC’s Global CEO Survey – five focus areas for CEOs

21 Apr 2021 1 minute

We surveyed Australian CEOs and found that confidence is up when it comes to future prospects, but there are five areas where leaders will need to meet challenges head on.

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GRC software

Removing risk and conquering compliance with GRC software

Robert Vine Tessa Smith 31 Mar 2021 11 minutes

For large organisations, understanding how risk, governance and compliance are managed across the business can be difficult and the cost of not knowing high, with customers, jobs and brand on the line.

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financial services upskilling

Three no-regrets moves for a flourishing financial services sector

Nicole Wakefield 29 Mar 2021 10 minutes

The financial services industry faces a skills gap that could impede its ability to keep up with rapid change. Here are three ways businesses can tackle the problem.

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CEO Survey

PwC’s 24th Annual Global CEO Survey: CEOs face tech troubles and consumer change

Australian CEOs are pretty optimistic about growth and opportunities in 2021. When it comes to cyber and misinformation, however, their sentiments are a little less buoyant.

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How businesses can adapt to a world without cookies

Vicki Huff Eckert 17 Mar 2021 6 minutes

Google is phasing out third-party cookies by 2022. Companies dependent on cookies to understand their clients or customers and make sales must adapt to avoid falling behind.

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DDO Design and Distribution Obligation

Meeting the Design and Distribution Obligation with technology

Michael Ng 24 Feb 2021 7 minutes

To ensure customers are only sold the right products to meet their needs, new regulations are being placed on financial services. Technology will be key to ensuring these obligations don’t become a burden on staff or customers.

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Cloud migration

Six questions to ask when migrating to the cloud

Robert Nikolouzos 18 Feb 2021 8 minutes

Countless businesses are cutting the physical tethers and migrating to cloud-based computing. Before you fly away into the unknown, ask yourself these six questions.

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The great work-from-home experiment and the future of the office

Dr Ben Hamer 03 Feb 2021 11 minutes

Organisations have adapted to working remotely with relative ease, however, the next step is harder. Go back to potentially unsafe but collaborative office buildings or let go of costly real estate, sacrificing culture for flexibility?

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data transformation insights

Using data to fuel your business resilience in the post–COVID-19 world

Anil Khurana Roger Wery Amy Peirce 02 Feb 2021 10 minutes

The maturity of a company’s data and information capability has proven to be a key differentiator between companies resilient enough to respond to the changes brought by COVID-19 and those that have struggled to keep pace.

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