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technology innovation

Technology: The final part of the product innovation puzzle

The right technological foundations will allow organisations to capitalise on their investment dollars and create an intelligent ecosystem that will future proof their product innovation for years to come.

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BXT redefining work

Getting to the finish faster: Redefining how your people work for a fit business

Tom Puthiyamadam Shirin Trehan Toor 08 Dec 2020 10 minutes

Today’s business needs to get in shape in order to be adaptable and resilient. A ‘BXT’ approach helps you hone skills, build better experiences and adopt smarter business strategies.

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Mining cyber security

The cyber canary in the coalmine during COVID-19

Jason Knott 02 Dec 2020 9 minutes

COVID-19 has affected the mining industry less than many others, but in its haste to adapt to remote working and automation, a disturbing vulnerability is creating a bigger threat to the sector.

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A tale of two perspectives: The entertainment and media industry after COVID-19

Justin Papps Genevieve Reynolds 25 Nov 2020 11 minutes

For some segments of the entertainment and media industry, the coronavirus pandemic has led to growth opportunities and the tumbling of customer tipping points. For others, the effects will take time to recover from.

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digital lifestyle

The great tech escape: Consumers turn to digital devices to ease pandemic isolation

Adopting a digital lifestyle, consumers turned to their devices to get them through the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a PwC survey, they’re unlikely to give them up anytime soon.

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Strategic portfolio management

Three steps to manage your digital portfolio during times of change

Brent Gimpel 17 Nov 2020 9 minutes

COVID-19 has hastened the need to digitalise, but it has also caused the uncertainty that makes doing so complicated. Strategic management of your tech portfolio ensures the benefits are delivered in the smartest, safest way.

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product innovation

Experience and the myth of product innovation

Leigh Malcolmson Bill Bovopoulos 10 Nov 2020 11 minutes

Having an amazing product idea is one thing, bringing it to life is quite another — it requires the right people, in the right place, and ultimately, the right experience.

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Digital natives Digital Accelerator

It’s complicated: Are digital natives the answer to your transformation efforts?

Justin Homer 02 Nov 2020 10 minutes

PwC Australia’s Digital Accelerator program highlights the way that businesses can increase their digital skills and create grassroots innovation for growth.

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CEO upskilling

Four reasons why CEOs should upskill their people

Carol Stubbings Nicole Wakefield 28 Oct 2020 11 minutes

Workforce gaps exposed in your COVID-19 response? Going digital has highlighted mismatches between companies and their people, but it’s also provided an opportunity for the CEO to upskill their employees — and their business.

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