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Report: The innovative new role of the CFO

John Shipman 12 Dec 2017 7 minutes

Beyond assurance and payroll, today’s CFOs are leading business innovation by embracing data and emerging technology to provide strategic insight and create value.

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Report: 2017 Global Innovation 1000

04 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A global trend towards economic nationalism means some of the world’s biggest R&D spenders will need to find new innovation tricks in order to compete, PwC Strategy&’s annual survey predicts.

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The secrets of fast growing companies

Kate Bennett Eriksson 28 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Businesses need to create new value to compete. PwC partner Kate Eriksson believes companies should reconsider these four characteristics that their high growth peers embody.

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Infographic: Ready, Steady, Shop!

23 Nov 2017 2 minutes

Consumers are embracing online spending days such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Singles’ Day and Click Frenzy. The amounts being spent are staggering and much of it is being done via mobile.

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The new milk run

John Riccio 16 Nov 2017 8 minutes

Technology and consumer preferences are disrupting traditional business models. Companies that tap into these changes will ensure their business profitability doesn’t go sour.

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Looking beyond the face of AI

Matt Kuperholz 13 Nov 2017 7 minutes

Conflating artificial intelligence with humanoid robots overlooks one of its more accessible offerings which often boasts a faster path to value: optimisation. PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Kuperholz explains why.

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The power of social media in education

Berry Driessen 01 Nov 2017 10 minutes

Social media is where the kids hang out. Are higher education providers using this to their advantage? From student recruitment, to communication and collaboration, Berry Driessen looks at how universities are getting their message across.

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Predicting safety in the workplace

Phil Bolton 31 Oct 2017 9 minutes

Could the way your employee drives predict how safe they’ll be at work? Workplace safety has traditionally been treated as a record-keeping exercise or regulatory requirement. What if it was seen as a data problem instead?

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Why the phrase ‘API-first’ should be at the heart of every digital experience

Adnan Jaswal 30 Oct 2017 9 minutes

From designing for web to designing for mobile, the way platforms are created has evolved. Businesses seeking to provide superior digital experiences – and perhaps create a new revenue stream along the way – should pay attention to API-first design.

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