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How the connected consumer is defining healthcare

14 Sep 2015 6 minutes

Digital technology has powered a wave of healthcare innovation – with the connected customer demanding an experience to match that of any other service.

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Using data analytics to find the sweet spot for stores and services

Rob Tyson 14 Aug 2015 7 minutes

Big data has become a popular option for businesses looking to understand their in-store offering. But what about what’s going on outside? Rob Tyson explains why geospatial data analysis can save businesses from making expensive mistakes.

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Infographic: Around the world in online retail trends

Tan Allaway 09 Jul 2015 1 minute

An in-depth look at the figures behind global e-commerce and the nations that succeed when it comes to turning clicks into credit.

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All hands on deck: Mastering the art of government digitisation

Nick Spooner 02 Jul 2015 5 minutes

With the Australian government set to digitise its public services, Nick Spooner defines the key ingredients in supporting the successful delivery of a government digitisation program.

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UX Masterclass Sydney wrap-up: Leveraging UX to understand today’s user

17 Jun 2015 7 minutes

We cover some of the highlights from UX Masterclass Sydney, with speakers from around the globe discussing how to combine user experience strategies, research and innovation to understand customer needs and ensure success.

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Crowdfunding injects record-breaking finance for healthcare wearable

20 May 2015 3 minutes

A healthcare device to monitor patients with Parkinson’s disease wins $1.5 million investment via crowdfunding – a route to technology finance that looks set to grow with government support.

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Real estate investors move to crowdfunding platforms

Tan Allaway 11 May 2015 5 minutes

Crowdfunding platforms offering real estate have now launched in Australia, meaning property investment has now opened to a wider market that’s demanding a different user experience.

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Is Canberra ready to go digital? Opportunities for an Australian digital government

Nick Spooner 22 Apr 2015 9 minutes

As the Department of Communications gets its newly launched Digital Transformation Office under way, PwC’s Nick Spooner looks at what a digitally enabled Australian government could look like.

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GEM analytics: The big data tool for big city thinking

Rob Tyson 15 Apr 2015 6 minutes

PwC’s Geospatial Economic Model (GEM), has revealed that Sydney’s economic centre is shifting. How does this unique data analytics tool work?

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