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Move over internet of things, here comes the internet of sewers

27 Apr 2016 7 minutes

With Australian utilities trialing connected sensors and software throughout their infrastructure network, your next encounter with internet of things technology could be beneath your feet.

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“You could call us the user experience office”: Key learnings from government transformation

Tan Allaway 20 Apr 2016 12 minutes

Paul Shetler, the CEO behind Australia’s Digital Transformation Office, explains how the small agency with a big remit is deconstructing government services.

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International Women’s Day 2016: Paving the way for career disruption

Tan Allaway 09 Mar 2016 6 minutes

What does it take to set women up for success in their lives and careers? With three guest speakers from the world of technology, PwC’s International Women’s Day breakfast opened discussions on the inspirations and challenges for women in business.

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First they came for our data, now they come for our infrastructure

Duncan Alderson 19 Jan 2016 4 minutes

Since an Iranian nuclear facility was famously hacked in 2009, essential infrastructure has increasingly been the target of malicious attacks. Duncan Alderson explains why the cyber security of operational technology is a growing concern.

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Access all areas: Digital accessibility for the self-service citizen

Nick Spooner 07 Oct 2015 8 minutes

The internet may have the potential to be history’s greatest equaliser but when it comes to inclusivity, there is still a way to go. Nick Spooner names three strategies to create an online experience that’s a delight for all.

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Podcast: The sharing economy’s next move

23 Sep 2015 8 minutes

The sharing economy has reinvented the approach to some traditional industries. But where are opportunities for collaborative consumption emerging elsewhere? PwC speaks to global thought leader on the sharing economy, Rachel Botsman.

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How the connected consumer is defining healthcare

14 Sep 2015 6 minutes

Digital technology has powered a wave of healthcare innovation – with the connected customer demanding an experience to match that of any other service.

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Using data analytics to find the sweet spot for stores and services

Rob Tyson 14 Aug 2015 7 minutes

Big data has become a popular option for businesses looking to understand their in-store offering. But what about what’s going on outside? Rob Tyson explains why geospatial data analysis can save businesses from making expensive mistakes.

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Infographic: Around the world in online retail trends

Tan Allaway 09 Jul 2015 1 minute

An in-depth look at the figures behind global e-commerce and the nations that succeed when it comes to turning clicks into credit.

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