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Report: Harnessing the 4th industrial revolution for sustainable emerging cities

Joseph Carrozzi 19 Mar 2018 8 minutes

Poverty, disease, inequality and environmental damage are some of the results of a poorly planned city. Emerging technology could be the answer to providing a sustainable future.

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Infographic: Are smart cities really smart?

08 Mar 2018 2 minutes

Can existing cities ever be smart or will they just be meccas for tech giants selling digital trinkets? We examine what it means for a city to be smart beyond a layer of technology.

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The sustainability revolution: Harnessing AI for the Earth

26 Feb 2018 9 minutes

It will take a joint effort to enable, but AI promises wonderful things to protect the Earth on which we live. Here are just some of the ways in which AI is being used to tackle big environmental challenges.

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Why digital health is worth the risk

Richard Royle 22 Feb 2018 9 minutes

The health industry has to a large extent been driven by fear of disastrous digitisation efforts in health. But innovations in the industry are moving quickly, and governments can play a vital role in their successful implementation, PwC’s Richard Royle says.

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Video: Robots turn from cute to creepy in the uncanny valley

Amy Gibbs 15 Feb 2018 3 minutes

Robot pets with their big eyes and loving replication of affection are adorable, but when robots start to replicate human qualities, like doing backflips and sweat… the pendulum swings to creepy. But why? The answer lives in the mysterious ‘uncanny valley’.

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Tech tales from the conflict zone

Gulandam Khan 06 Feb 2018 9 minutes

A surprising amount of technology that is now part of our everyday lives was pioneered on the frontier of foreign aid efforts. As private companies step up to fill a vacuum left by governments in this area, the solutions to these problems are becoming bolder, and riskier.

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Artificially sweet: The dark side of AI

Amy Gibbs 05 Feb 2018 14 minutes

Artificial intelligence is extolled as a potential saviour to the world’s most complex problems. But with its promise it also brings concerns. Are they surmountable or will the robot apocalypse lead to the downfall of humankind?

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The power of social media in education

Berry Driessen 01 Nov 2017 10 minutes

Social media is where the kids hang out. Are higher education providers using this to their advantage? From student recruitment, to communication and collaboration, Berry Driessen looks at how universities are getting their message across.

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The three stages of higher education data

Philip Otley Berry Driessen Phil Bolton 23 Oct 2017 10 minutes

A student is for life, not just a few years on campus. By viewing the student lifecycle more broadly, higher education providers can – and must – become more sophisticated in their approach to data, argues Philip Otley.

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