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Start With Code: Equipping the next generation

Trent Lund 11 Apr 2014 3 minutes

The release of an ebook from Google about the importance of coding highlights just how much work is needed to equip the next generation.

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Better transportation customer experiences through digital: Part two

Trent Lund 10 Apr 2014 9 minutes

The second in a four-part blog series, we examine the problems with public transportation and how digital advancements can help.

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The personalisation of digital media and raising the bar…

08 Apr 2014 6 minutes

The personalisation of digital media is happening everywhere, and is changing the way we consume news and content.

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Where can crowdfunding go next?

04 Apr 2014 3 minutes

Crowdfunding has taken off and is here to stay. But what happens when the platform matures?

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Facebook’s $US2 billion virtual reality play – what does it mean?

27 Mar 2014 5 minutes

Facebook has spent $US2 billion to acquire virtual reality company Oculus Rift – so what does it mean for the future of entertainment?

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Top trends from the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference

26 Mar 2014 5 minutes

The annual Game Developer’s Conference doesn’t just show off the best games – it’s a great way to detect which way the industry is heading.

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Infographic – Sydney and Melbourne among the hottest hubs in the world to ‘startup’

Nirosha Methananda 19 Aug 2013 1 minute

Though Silicon Valley is lauded as the birthplace of the world’s most successful startups, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, there are plenty of other global startup hot spots on the rise… including Sydney and Melbourne!

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Case Study

Open Innovation Australia – Getting together in Newcastle for ‘problems worth solving’

Trent Lund 09 Aug 2013 8 minutes

Trent Lund takes us behind the scenes at the first of our Open Innovation Australia series in Newcastle and explores the potential value of this approach for enterprises in solving real business problems and connecting with agile startups.

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Mobile, gaming and online video lead disruption of entertainment and media industry

20 Aug 2012 4 minutes

The digital revolution has created disruptive new models of consumption and distribution. Consumers expect media and entertainment that can be consumed on-the-go and online video experiences that are rich, interactive and highly personalised.

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