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Call to regulate Uber and Airbnb reflects mainstreaming of the sharing economy

John Riccio 27 Jan 2015 3 minutes

The Labour Government’s call to regulate companies like AirBnb and Uber is proof that the sharing economy is here to stay.

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Infographic: How to use the sharing economy to win big

John Riccio 23 Jan 2015 2 minutes

Interested in reaping the benefits of the sharing economy? Start by overturning dusty ideas about ownership, value and customer experience.

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Has phishing become cybercrime’s new frontier?

Steve Ingram 21 Jan 2015 5 minutes

Cybercriminals are using increasingly personalised tactics to mount phishing campaigns with a higher chance of success.

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Internet of Things generates US$2.1 billion for Intel

Nick Spooner 19 Jan 2015 2 minutes

Intel’s fast-growing IoT business is proof that the market for connected devices shows no sign of losing steam.

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Is UberCARGO Uber’s latest attempt at disruption?

Nick Spooner 12 Jan 2015 4 minutes

A new Hong-Kong based freight delivery service proves that Uber’s flair for disruption knows no bounds.

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GSISS 2015: Cyber security and the health industry

John Riccio 15 Dec 2014 5 minutes

Technology might be transforming the healthcare industry but a lack of security around data can leave healthcare providers vulnerable to attack.

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PwC and Child Wise join forces to create safer online spaces for children

Steve Ingram 12 Dec 2014 5 minutes

Digital Pulse speaks with Lisa Cook, Director of child protection not-for-profit Child Wise, about how a joint submission with PwC has helped improve online safety for kids.

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Can the right conversations change the world?

Kate Bennett Eriksson 12 Dec 2014 7 minutes

For PwC’s Kate Eriksson, the right conversations can spark creativity and curiosity in the younger generation and pave the way for an innovative future.

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PwC and the 2014 STEM video game challenge

Kate Bennett Eriksson 17 Nov 2014 4 minutes

PwC’s participation in the 2014 STEM Video Game Challenge is a reflection of our commitment to encouraging school-aged Australians to focus on the skills that will help them succeed in the 21st century.

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