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Digital Pulse Future perfect smart cities

Future perfect: How Thailand, Melbourne and Singapore are creating the cities of tomorrow

Shaun Ryan 24 Jul 2018 7 minutes

More than just technology, smart cities need intelligent strategy, led by governments, with a focus on outcomes that allow their citizens to thrive. Here are three examples of how embracing innovation and imagination can pave the way to the future.

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Digital Pulse call centre data

This phone call will be recorded (and then probably forgotten)

Phil Bolton 23 Jul 2018 10 minutes

Companies are storing increasingly large amounts of audio data from call centre conversations, but are they tapping into its value? Speech analytics is getting easier, and provides more insight than businesses might realise.

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Digital Pulse: The art of improving CX with digital distraction

The art of improving CX with digital distraction

Michael Ng 17 Jul 2018 10 minutes

Airports face a difficult task creating a seamless customer experience amid financial and regulatory constraints. Digital is helping to improve passenger flows, but can also be used to help distract customers from the necessary inconveniences of air travel.

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Staying silent: How voice assistants and the connected home depend on engaging trust

Staying silent: Voice assistants and the need for trust

John Riccio 16 Jul 2018 10 minutes

Whether shopping, asking for directions or turning on the lights, voice assistants promise ease of use for consumers. But overcoming distrust and complexity will be necessary for the technology to go from gimmick to godsend.

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Digital Pulse - Infographic: Content marketing and the importance of a good yarn

Infographic: Content marketing and the importance of a good yarn

Amy Gibbs 05 Jul 2018 2 minutes

Content marketing is a little bit of an oxymoron. It’s neither independent journalism, nor pure marketing. Despite its internal conflict, when done well, it can add value to customers and entertain to boot.

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Opening up to new ways of banking

Kate Bennett Eriksson 03 Jul 2018 9 minutes

Banks are facing upheaval in the way they compete with the introduction of Open Banking. Rather than a catastrophe, it’s an opportunity for financial institutions to embrace new products, services and business.

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Report: Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022

Report: Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022

26 Jun 2018 8 minutes

The forecast for entertainment and media industry in the next five years is mixed but digital mediums are set to continue to lead the growth. For all, trust will be the key differentiator to finding and keeping audiences.

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Digital Pulse: Time to #growup: How mature a social media function can change your entire business

Time to #GrowUp: How a mature social media function can change your entire business

Amy Gibbs Will Feutrill 25 Jun 2018 10 minutes

Social media is a relatively immature medium, but its corporate function doesn’t have to be. In fact, implementing it well can lead to extra revenue, cost-savings, business efficiencies, brand relevance and a competitive edge. Yet very few businesses do.

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The secrets to CRM project success

The secrets to CRM success

Michael Diamond 21 Jun 2018 8 minutes

Far too many CRM adoptions fail in spectacular, multimillion-dollar fashion. But they needn’t, and success lies in ensuring you make the right choices about how the platform will scale to support your business growth goals.

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