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consumer trends

Five trends shaping the future of consumer markets

Donna Watt 20 Apr 2021 11 minutes

Fundamental shifts that were already occurring in consumer markets accelerated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. A new report highlights five global macro trends transforming the industry.

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voice assistants

The art of the story: How to construct truly helpful voice assistants

Effie-Michelle Metallidis John Jones 02 Mar 2021 11 minutes

Talking to a voice assistant can be frustrating, but with their use on the rise, it’s time to start designing better conversations. Could the way forward lie in your favourite stories?

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Providing the privacy experience consumers seek

Toby Spry Phil Regnault 10 Feb 2021 9 minutes

Customers want highly personalised, instant, omnichannel experiences. For TMT companies to deliver on these desires they need data, but that requires a trusted consumer privacy experience.

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Gaps in the facade: Three actions business should take to fight fraud

Kristin Rivera Mark Rigby 24 Sep 2020 8 minutes

PwC’s Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey found that fraud — and its financial toll — is rising. With gaps in prevention and response prevalent, there are three actions organisations can take to improve their defences.

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Bridging the expectation divide with a digital-first approach

Matthew Benwell 22 Sep 2020 10 minutes

A great online customer experience sounds like a no-brainer, but if the behind-the-scenes capabilities don’t match up, the divide between expectation and reality could drive customers away. It’s time to drop the digital veneer and become truly digital-first.

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EX new normal

How to redefine employee experience for the post-pandemic world

Bhushan Sethi Jean-François Marti 19 Aug 2020 12 minutes

Given COVID-19’s effect on economic conditions and customer behaviours, companies need to focus on ensuring their employee experience helps set their workforce up for the challenges ahead.

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customer behaviour

Being brave: Customer behaviour, consumption and expectations and COVID-19

As humanity strives toward establishing the next normal after COVID-19, businesses should be attuned to the opportunities inherent in changing consumer behaviours.

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dark patterns

The button did what?! Identifying misleading patterns in UX design

04 Aug 2020 10 minutes

Trickery and misdirection may result in more downloads and products in baskets, but ultimately, the use of dark patterns in designing a user experience will harm your bottom line. Here’s how they work and why you should avoid them.

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B2B platform revolution

Are you ready for the B2B platform revolution?

Vicki Huff Eckert 22 Jul 2020 7 minutes

The rapid rise and dominance of e-commerce platforms thoroughly disrupted consumer-facing businesses. Now in the B2B space, they could pose the same threat — unless they’re leveraged with the right strategy.

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