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The must-know strategies for getting employees to embrace workplace technology

09 Nov 2018 9 minutes

There’s a disconnect between what executives believe and what employees actually experience when it comes to technology at work. Getting buy-in from staff is critical to ensure it does its job – adding value and efficiency to business.

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The new business models to unlock digital Southeast Asia

Angelo Estrera Stuart Holywell 24 Oct 2018 12 minutes

Southeast Asia is a burgeoning global powerhouse, but for companies looking to grow by embracing its digital opportunities, the key to success lies in understanding the cultural complexities of the region.

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The unexpected formula for customer experience success

The unexpected formula for great customer experience

David Clarke 18 Oct 2018 7 minutes

It’s been proven that a good experience leads customers to spend more, but perhaps counter-intuitively, in order to enable that, companies should spend more on their employees. It’s time for business to get smarter.

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Business sketching and design thinking to solve problems

Drawing conclusions: Solving business problems with experience and pencils

John Jones 10 Oct 2018 6 minutes

The answers to problems are rarely found in isolation. Find out how a simple childhood game of communal drawing embodies design thinking methodologies to solve complex business challenges.

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Infographic: The personalisation touch

Infographic: The personalisation touch

27 Sep 2018 1 minute

It’s about more than just being friendly. Personalisation of email and marketing efforts can lead to more trust, greater engagement and a willingness to spend more money.

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Infographics: The evolution of retail

Infographic: The evolution of retail

30 Aug 2018 2 minutes

Experience is increasingly important when it comes to brands navigating a retail world where digital is on the rise. Being able to court the right audience and give them an encounter to remember is key to a smart evolution.

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Video: Why financial services institutions should look to China

Julie Coates Monty Hamilton 09 Aug 2018 2 minutes

It’s no secret that the financial industry is facing disruption and pressure from many angles. But that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t reinvent themselves, and look to what’s happening in places like China to anticipate the future.

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Digital Pulse Future perfect smart cities

Future perfect: How Thailand, Melbourne and Singapore are creating the cities of tomorrow

Shaun Ryan 24 Jul 2018 7 minutes

More than just technology, smart cities need intelligent strategy, led by governments, with a focus on outcomes that allow their citizens to thrive. Here are three examples of how embracing innovation and imagination can pave the way to the future.

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Digital Pulse call centre data

This phone call will be recorded (and then probably forgotten)

Phil Bolton 23 Jul 2018 10 minutes

Companies are storing increasingly large amounts of audio data from call centre conversations, but are they tapping into its value? Speech analytics is getting easier, and provides more insight than businesses might realise.

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