Koorie Heritage Trust digital transformation

Hand in hand: How a digital future is supporting our cultural history

George Stancu Ying Ong 27 Oct 2020 11 minutes

The Koorie Heritage Trust plays an important role in preserving the 60,000-year-old lived history and culture of South Eastern Australia’s Aboriginal communities. With an increasing manual workload, it looks to digital transformation to ensure its future.

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Digital Trust

Digital Trust Insights 2021: The need for cyber resilience

Mike Cerny Nicola Nicol 20 Oct 2020 11 minutes

Digital transformation efforts have skyrocketed in the wake of COVID-19 and with them, the potential for cyber incidents. This year’s Digital Trust Insights survey looks at how cyber execs are responding to keep businesses safe.

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innovation drought

The work-from-home innovation drought

Dr Ben Hamer Lawrence Goldstone 15 Oct 2020 6 minutes

There are pros and cons to working at home. While employees might get to work in their pyjamas, the trade off is in an excess of virtual meetings and a lack of informal connection — which could be killing off innovation.

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How COVID-19 has unscaled the heights of economies of scale

Kevin Maney 14 Oct 2020 11 minutes

For decades, business growth was all about economies of scale. But the trend has begun to reverse with the competitive edge now found in personalised products and decentralised distribution. COVID-19 has accelerated this shift.

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cyber behaviours

Human behaviours: Understanding decision making for a successful cyber strategy

Ambika Aggarwal Nicola Nicol 13 Oct 2020 7 minutes

COVID-19 has fast-tracked the prominence of working from home. But it has also opened doors for cyber criminals. Understanding people’s behaviours — and influencing them — will be critical to the success of your cyber security strategy.

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digital twin

101: Predicting the future with digital twin technology

07 Oct 2020 12 minutes

Ready to gaze into the crystal ball? Digital twin technology creates a virtual replica of your assets, systems or business and lets you model the future and inform your strategic changes.

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leadership digital transformation

Leading the way through a digital transformation

Richard Gwilym Matthew Benwell 06 Oct 2020 9 minutes

What’s the critical success factor of a digital transformation — technology, investment, or innovation? All are important, but without leadership, your digitalisation efforts are likely to flounder.

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cyber recovery

After the storm: What your tech, legal and risk functions should do after a cyber attack

In the final part of our cyber security series we look at what the tech, legal and risk functions in an organisation need to do post-attack.

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Gaps in the facade: Three actions business should take to fight fraud

Kristin Rivera Mark Rigby 24 Sep 2020 8 minutes

PwC’s Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey found that fraud — and its financial toll — is rising. With gaps in prevention and response prevalent, there are three actions organisations can take to improve their defences.

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