It’s no secret that the rise of the connected consumer has sparked meteoric change across the business landscape. For retailers, the notion of an “always-on” shopper that orbits between touchpoints has paved the way for a brand new paradigm – one in which the old rules of customer relationships no longer apply.

But the hype that’s a hallmark of this new paradigm has meant that it’s easy to perceive the connected consumer as a mythical figure without considering measurable characteristics, behaviours and needs. Luckily, Anatomy of a Connected Consumer – an infographic produced by identity management firm Gigya – provides a handy breakdown of the traits that make this customer tick.

According to the infographic, 40% of customers would rather shop from brands that use data to deliver a highly personalised shopping experience, suggesting that a desire for relevant interactions are outweighing privacy concerns. It also reveals that 70% of millennials believe that it’s their responsibility to provide feedback to a brand if they’ve had a good or bad experience and this subset of the population is also more likely to embrace customer-centric processes like co-creation. For retailers, this means that building profitable relationships is impossible without taking this perspective into account. Increasingly, swapping channel-specific processes for an approach that puts consumers at the heart of decision-making is the ticket to competitive edge.