Amazon already made a splash last year with its announcement of delivery drones – or at least, its plans to release delivery drones at some point in the future.

That plan is still several years away, and has several regulatory burdens to overcome, including the approval of the Federal Aviation Authority. But that doesn’t mean innovation has to stop.

CEO Jeff Bezos has said in a letter to shareholders the company has already passed through five or six generations of its drone devices, and is even working on generations seven and eight.

It’s a reminder that innovation is a constant process, and not just something a business should do every now and again when it can find the time. Just as Dyson remarked recently that businesses should continue to invest in research and development funds every year, Amazon’s comment is yet another key reminder that innovation should continue even when all the final details aren’t worked out yet. Consistent progress, even in the face of uncertainty, can be better than standing still.