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Digital Pulse

in·no·va·tion – A creation resulting from study and/or experimentation. The act of starting something new.

dis·rup·tion – An act of delaying or interrupting continuity. An event that results in displacement or discontinuity. The act of causing disorder.

Digital change is a journey, not a destination.
It requires agility and flexibility to underpin a continually evolving business environment.

Industry Change – The ongoing economic, technological and social development of commercial business and market sectors.

About Us

Digital Pulse

Brought to you by PwC Digital Services.

Digital change is a journey, requiring agility and flexibility to succeed in the continually evolving business environment.

Digital Pulse provides you with actionable insights and thought leadership on digital trends, strategy, technology, innovation and disruption to empower your digital journey.

With the digital economy contributing an estimated 5% to 9% of total GDP in developed markets (and up to 25% in developing markets), it’s clear that all businesses and industries are impacted by the growth of technology, internet and mobile devices.

Digital Pulse shares the combined expertise of our consultants and industry stalwarts to facilitate digital change throughout the Australian business network. We focus on transformational industry change and how this impacts consumers and business alike. Leveraging our broad industry service area, we cover digital issues relevant to:

  • Energy, Utilities & Mining
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

We will also expose and inform you about local and international strategies, practices and technologies that are innovative and/or disruptive to the digital and business landscape.

Our mission is to bring you succinct and relevant information to:

  • Keep you up to speed with the rapidly changing digital environment;
  • Reveal digital innovators and disruptors that present potential business opportunities; and
  • Empower your digital journey through knowledge.
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