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Digital Pulse is a PwC online publication covering issues around digital transformation and innovation.

‘Digital’ isn’t just about technology – it’s about what technology can enable. It involves new ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences and accelerating business performance.

Digital Pulse shares expertise from PwC consultants and wider industry networks to provide thought leadership and actionable insights to empower your digital journey. We focus on transformational change and how this impacts consumers and business alike.

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Who we are:
PwC Digital Services

PwC Digital Services is a community of makers around the world. Our goal is to transform business outcomes and results by delivering innovation to market.

Whether we’re designing unique customer experiences that can help regain a company’s competitive edge or deploying new digital assets to increase efficiencies in the supply chain, we bring together elements of your business to drive results across your whole organisation.

We do this by working at the intersection of business, experience and technology – what’s known as PwC’s BXT philosophy.  Our approach leverages the power of diverse perspectives to assist clients along the road to truly innovative business transformation.


Digital transformation is a whole-of-business concern. BXT represents the three ingredients necessary for successfully solving the business challenges of today:

  • Business

    Reassessing business strategy, operating models, capabilities and process.

  • Experience

    Optimising the customer or user experience.

  • Technology

    The technologies and technical understanding required to enable change.

PwC’s 3,000+ business strategists, experience designers and technologists work in 30+ cities around the world.

Named the sixth Best Place to Work by Ad Age, our success is powered by a strong culture that embraces diversity and celebrates co-creation. Visit digital.pwc.com to learn more.

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